A Quick peak into our Wedding

A Quick peak into our Wedding

It seems I say this a lot as of late, buttttt if you follow me on the gram ( link here if you don’t ), you’d know after a short poll and 100% voting for yes, I started to post more snaps from my wedding day.

I was a little sceptical since I have been banging on about it for well over a year, I thought you may have already had enough. Apparently not, and that makes me ever so happy! After another quick poll, 90% voted for a quick post on my wedding, so here we are.

There seems to be rather a lot to cover from the day, and so after much deliberation, I will be conducting a week worth of posts on everything ‘Peters’ wedding 2018. I found when planning ours, there wasn’t too many local resources and I found some great suppliers that don’t seem to get enough credit. With that in mind, I will be also publishing a full list of suppliers we used – mega useful hopefully for East Sussex Brides.

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So the day in a nutshell….

I will be biased and say it was honestly the best day ever. Everything turned out just as planned (kinda), although the blistering heat did cause a couple of dramas and changes. Just about everyone turned up ( there is always one, despite thinking there won’t be ), and everyone seemed to have as good time as us, if not better! Although I have never sweated as much as I did that day, I literally had the best day possible, and wouldn’t change anything for the world!

What were you most nervous for?

On the lead up, pretty much everything. I was so worried everything would pull through or work. On the day before, once we had set up the venue, I felt far more relaxed. Yet, I was sooo surprised on how nervous I was for the ceremony. I still recall the sicky feeling I had for several hours before. I was trying to calm myself with rich tea fingers. It didn’t really help. It all disappeared when we walked down the aisle and I saw my fiancée!

What was the best part?

Ooooo, there were sooo many moments. The best part has to be the evening reception. It was so relaxed and we were literally surrounded by friends and family. It was so nice to be able to mingle and dance and overall enjoy the coming together of everyone we loved! I don’t think I could honestly say there was a best part though, it was fantastic through and through!

Anything you don’t remember?

The only thing was the actual ceremony. My adrenaline was in over drive and I was so nervous and worried I looked horrible and sweaty! I do remember just giggling and being the happiest I have ever been! It’s not that I don’t remember It, it’s just certainly blurry compared to the rest of the day!

How do you feel now it’s over?

I’ve been asked this quiet a lot as it’s assumed I would be all blue. And I didn’t not feel sad, but it was more so because me and my new husband spent so much time together just us, exploring and experiencing, it was sad to come back home to normality.

I don’t feel sad the wedding over because I literally had the best day and have the fondest memories to keep. We have some stunning snaps and awaiting our fantastic video in which we can reminisce and relive the entire day again and again.

We literally have soooo much to look forward to and work towards, I am just so excited for our future and the start of our life as husband and wife.

What would your advice be?

I have sooo much to say, you can bet your bottom dollar I will post an entire piece on this, but overall, just enjoy it. The planning can get stressy, and something’s won’t go to plan but just ride the rollercoaster. You will not be doing it again and it will totally be worth the stress and tears!

These are just some of the beautiful snaps caught by guests during the day. We have received our gallery from our photographer and currently in awe at the gorgeous range of pictures we have to choose from. I honestly have noooo idea how we will choose!

There will be more wedding natter coming, but if there is something you would like me to cover in particular, please do let me know!

Charlotte x