5 Things to watch on Netflix NOW – Sept ’18

HEY PALS – It me, the gal who watches all the Netflix in the world every bloody night. Yup! So, as September starts and Autumn is edging near – whoppeee, I’ve collected the best of the best on Netflix at the mo, and what you need to watch if you haven’t already

Unforgotten – Series 1 & 2

I was totes late to the party on this one, and yeah its pretty old, but with series 3 still on ITV hub, now is as good time as any to join the clan. This detective British Drama is another superb series that will have you gripped on every episode. Each series follows a new murder and the guest to find the killer ina historical case. A must watch, especially if your a fan of Luther and Line of Duty.

American Horror Story – Cult

Yes, I watched these when it came out, but now being on Netflix, its the perfect oppertunity to watch if you haven’t done so already! It terrified me as always, and if anything disturbed me more than all the others. This series focuses on a cult that gathers upon the election of Donald Trump and terrorises an entire neighbourhood. There’s nothing like it!

Dark Tourist

Upon a pal’s recommendation, I started watching this and pretty soon I was nearly at the end of the series. Much like Louis Theroux, David Farrier takes a look into the wild side of the world. Or maybe the weird and dark side. Exploring every continent, he travels across the world to where dark tourism resides and typically involves death and tradegy. Pretty eye opening, and disturbing at times.

White GoldĀ 

This is a lighter watch, especially following on from the previous 3 watches. It was on BBC2 and since being on Netflix I actually got around to watching it, and its bloddy hilarious. Featuring Jay and Simon from the Inbetweeners and Chuck from Gossip Girl, its a pretty stellar line up. This comedy follows 3 double glazing salesman in the 80s selling ‘white gold’.


Again, another recommendation and possibly the best yet! Ever heard of Pablo Escobar? Probably. I hadn’t, yet this series opened my eyes up to the world he created as a drug lord. Follow the rise and fall of Escobar as American cops try and catch, and imprision Escobar. I feel like im not really selling it, but yanno, don’t wanna say too much. There are subtitles on this one, but totally worth it – promise!

There we have just some of what I’ve been watching over the last weeks and months. I cannot tell you how much I love Netflix and the array of films and programmes it has on there.

I’m not getting paid to say this, and no I don’t work for Netflix, I’m just the biggest fan!

Get it, if not, you’ll be missing out on pretty impressive content!

What you been watching?

Anything I need to try?

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!