Beauty products I cannot do without – Aug’18

There has been a lot of skincare changes in recent weeks in my bathroom! Before the wedding, I went into panic mode as my skin seemed to explore with enormous and rather painful spots! And then there was the recovery effort after wearing make-up in the sweltering heat and then there was the drowning my skin in moisture effort as I was overexposed on honeymoon.

Whilst August hasn’t been the best month for my skin, there have been atleast 3 proucts that have found their way to being my fav these last couple of weeks in atleast giving me hope and confidence in my skin!

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R.E.N – Perfect Canvas

This stuff is ruddy beautiful. I apply every morning after cleansing and honestly, it works wonders. Whilst this product works wonderfully under your make-up, I have found my skin looks so full using it, I have been using it without makeup. Applies beautifully and leaves my skin looking and feeling revitalised. A real staple in my morning routine!

Skin Kissed

I started using this product before my wedding and honeymoon and honestly cannot stop using! It leaves my skin feeling plumped and even helps with the appearance of spots. Since arriving home, my skin has certainly been troublesome, but after re-applying every night, its really helped the overall appearance of my skin!

MAC – Half n Half

I have had this lippie for a few months and in love with the shade. I don’t tend to wear much makeup if any at all, but If I want to spruce myself up without using foundation, I always grab this shade. Subtle and long-wearing, it’s perfect for these in-between seasons and autumn!

Like I mentioned, I don’t tend to use much make-up and since coming home from honeymoon, I have been trying to get my skin back to it’s better state. These products have sure been a staple in my routine these last couple of weeks.

Have you been using some must buy products?

Any I should be trying in September?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x