Embrace Your Feminine Side – Latest Lingerie Trends

There are few things in life that sexy lingerie can’t fix. From confidence to finding your own unique style, lingerie is a fashion must for women today. Being sexy and confident isn’t about trying to look a certain way to appease someone else. It’s all about feeling your best in your own skin.

All women deserve to feel good about their feminine and sensual sides. How you define feminine is completely up to you, as long as you feel great about what you’re wearing on your body. These latest lingerie trends take this feminine side to new limits, and it just goes to show that anyone can feel sexy if they know how to channel their confidence.


While stockings have gotten a bad reputation in the past, they’re about much more than being modest in the workplace. A few decades ago, stockings weren’t optional when it came to women’s clothing. Today, however, a pair of our sexy stockings can completely transform the entire look.

You’ll find stocking being worn in all kinds of new ways. The best part about stockings is they help you transform sexy outfits into different seasons. They’re a form of functional fashion we can all get behind. There are so many new patterns to choose from like sexy lacy to nude, they’re truly versatile and timeless.


Bodysuits have been a popular part of fashion for the last few years, and it’s no wonder this trend has influenced lingerie as well. They’re flattering on any body shape, and they’ll stay secure all night long. While lingerie bodysuits can be worn under your favourite dresses to achieve that hourglass shape, don’t think the trend stops there.

Yes, it’s possible to wear a lace bodysuit out as street clothes. This isn’t as risqué as you think. Many bodysuits have lined cups which adds an extra layer of support and coverage.  If you’re not confident enough to wear your bodysuit on its own, no worries. Wear a light jacket or nipple pasty to get some extra coverage if you’re concerned. You’ll be loving this look in no time.


Like bodysuits, bralettes have been chic for a few years now. This trend is also venturing into street clothes territory, and that’s exciting news for lingerie lovers everywhere. These whimsical bras come in all types of styles from sheer to full coverage. To transition your favourite bralette to the streets, try wearing it with a high-waisted bottom. This

Another way to rock bralettes today is over a t-shirt or shirt with better coverage. You can see a lot of bloggers and celebs wearing their bralettes this way, so it’s no wonder this trend is taking off. Finally, wear a bralette under a sheer top. This adds another layer to the piece while still looking sexy and confident.

White Lingerie

One style we’re seeing recently isn’t a style at all, rather, it’s a colour. While white lingerie has been thought of in the past as something that belonged exclusively to brides, we’re starting to see it become popular on its own. The only challenging part about wearing white lingerie is that it doesn’t compliment a wide range of skin tones. However, if you can pull it off, more power to you!

Embrace Your Feminine Side

Lingerie, like all fashion, is another opportunity to express yourself. However you define your style, let it show through your undergarments. That might mean wearing your favourite pieces on the street like regular clothes, or just keeping them to yourself as a fun secret. There are no rules to lingerie as long as you feel your best.