How a little effort can go a long way!

How a little effort can go a long way!

There are a million clichés for effort, all surrounding the idea of getting only what you put into things. And you know something, It’s certainly true. I have learnt over numerous years the hard way, and only then did I start to realise that If you are prepared to go the extra mile, you’ll achieve far more in life!  What’s more, these sentiments can extend to many aspects of your world.

For example, I attended university for 3 years. The first year I was the best student I could be. For Charlotte! Attending most seminars and lectures and taking real time and effort to do my submissions. Once I had that pass ticket to get to the following year, my foot really came off the gas. By third year I honestly didn’t care. Didn’t give a hoot. The effort I was putting in was giving me what I thought a reasonable and getting back what I thought I was happy with. The end result? I received a rather disappointing degree. It was then that I fully realised you will literally get back what you put in!

Still a little confused? Stick around. Let’s take a closer look at just five aspects of life where a little extra effort can unlock the door to truly great things.

#1. Physical Health

We’d all love to follow the daily routines of mega rich athletes, but that’s not possible. Still, you needn’t spend 10 hours in the gym to boost your daily habits. Small changes like drinking more water, walking to the shops, and getting more sleep can work wonders. Moreover, they can provide the platform for more significant future changes that lead to long-term health and fitness. Other simple tasks include quitting cigarettes and excessive drinking.

#2. Mental Health

In addition to looking after your body, you must learn to treat your mind. Taking vacations may feel like a big deal, but incorporating regular day trips for picnics and simple events is a lot easier. Meanwhile, finding a home-based hobby that helps you relax can help remove stress from your shoulders. On a similar note, investing in bathroom candles or boosting the shower pressure can have a telling impact. Finally, fresh sheets can make the world a little brighter.

#3. Career

Many elements contribute to the success of your career. However, earning money is one of the main ones. Merely asking your boss for a salary increase could create a better future. Alternatively, upgrading your CV and LinkedIn profile may increase your hopes of landing better roles. Taking a course in leadership or to fill a gap in your skill set can work wonders too. Each of those ideas provides huge rewards for minimal effort while the benefits could last a lifetime.

#4. Extracurricular Earnings

Careers are the primary source of income, but millions now have side hustles and investments. While this is a secondary revenue stream, it’s important that you take it seriously. Learn to compare trading methods, and you should find that you generate far greater returns. Likewise, putting a little extra effort into upgrading fixer-upper properties should see them sell for more money. Even a passive role in the external money-making ventures can pay dividends.

#5. Relationships

Whether it’s a friendship or loving relationship, a little effort from both sides is key. When separated by distance, technology makes it possible to stay in touch. Meanwhile, it’s vital that the time you do spend together is special. Learn to get rid of the distractions and invest time into each other. For long-term lovers, even simple ideas like romantic meals indoors can make a world of difference. Above all else, focus on listening to each other. You’d be amazed at the impact it can bring.

So, there you have it. Five aspects of life that show a little effort goes a long way. Frankly, you’ve no excuse to overlook them any longer.