How to fall back in love with your blog!

There comes a time when your blog just isn’t doing it for you anymore! It’s become a real chore and you just don’t have the spark to carry on. You’ve even thought about jacking it in, right?

Yeah, you need to fall back in love with you blog, and quick!

Who knows what will happen to it if you don’t?!

The thing is, maybe that’s just what you need? I for one have fallen in and out of my blog many a time. Whether it be because I needed a re-brand, lacking direction or just really struggling to find the energy to carry it on, I certainly have been fed up of my blog multiple times.

But I’m still here, and infact more in love with my blog than ever! Wanna know how I did it? Standby, here’s how you can fall in love with yours, today!

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Switch to a new theme

I have changed my theme so many times! I am one of those who are happy with it for a while and then I fancy a change. But, that new change, that new lease of life gives me a sudden splurge to make sure all my upcoming content is just as good as my blog itself.

Changing your theme doesn’t have to be expensive, even just switching up the colours on your current one can give you a whole different prospective on your site.

Reconsider your subject

Your blog doesn’t have to be the same subject since starting. Heck, my first blog was a film review one. These second was a beauty and fashion and now I am here, a little bit of everything under the heading of Lifestyle. There’s a real reason why you are not enjoying your site, and it’s possibly down to the posts you feel you have to create. Don’t be afraid to juggle it around and reconsider your blogs subject area.

Devise a plan

Are you wanting to really make your blog an income? Maybe you want to attract more followers and interaction. Maybe you just want to be recognised within the blogging world a little more? Whatever your main objective is, devise a plan as to how to get there. My blog strategy post has been ever so popular among fellow bloggers, so check it out for yourself.

Many of us thrive when we have a little direction and idea as to what we need to do to be heading in the right direction. There is no wrong answer when it comes to your own blog and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you want to create earnings and real success when it comes to blogging.

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Read more!

It can never be underestimated the power of reading. Whether it be fellow blogs, the newspaper or a book, reading more will broaden your own vocabulary and writing style and will ignite those creative sparks. I find it really easy to switch off to writing and reading when I have little to no creativity flowing, yet reading more content in general really helps brainstorm on my own content!

Socialise onlineĀ 

Social media can easily become a one voice kinda place. We all use twitter and Instagram to plug our own content and website and very little of us really respond and interact with our followers or fellow bloggers. If this is you, change the way you interact online and it might just spark a conversation worth blogging! Speaking aloud of your blogging woes can not only make you realise you’re not alone. You may even find a fellow blogger to start creating content with!

Spruce up your archives

Granted, this can be a little time consuming, but if you’re struggling to think of new and engaging content, revisit those archives. Sprucing up your older posts can not only keep your blog relevant, but help your SEO too. I am currently in the process of updating all 500 of mine, and it’s not only made me more comfortable with all my content, but given me more post ideas to post in the coming months!

Your blog is so valuable, don’t let a little bit of lack lustre get the better of it!

Let me know your go to tips when lacking in spirit for your blog.

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