Let’s go Freebie Hunting – What you need to know

Let’s go Freebie Hunting – What you need to know

It’s all about trying before buying. Who doesn’t love a good old freebie?

Many of us will queue for hours just to get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut or even ask for a free lifetime supply of nuggets from our favourite restaurant. Most people will go to great lengths to get their hands on a freebie. And of course, there is no harm in that! Don’t be shy, if it’s free, why the hell not!

Now we have all established we love a good freebie, where can we get our hands on them? Knowing where and how to get freebies is a little trick in itself. Knowing the ‘rules’ and simple hacks to make the most out of grabbing freebies is not something that’s often discussed. So here I am, giving you all the tips, tricks, and ideas on freebie hunting.

Get Ahead Of the Competition

With many people on the lookout for freebies online, finding some yourself can be a little tasking. Some people are lucky enough to grab/collect freebies before anyone else can. Bit I have news, you too can be among the first persons to get their hands on these offers as well.

All you need to do is sign up for this newsletter. Once signed up, you will receive the day’s top freebie offers straight to your inbox at 9am.   Joining the WOW Free Stuff UK Facebook page will also help find plenty of other freebies. Joining the group lets you get in touch with other freebie and deal hunters while providing access to tons of bargains including yellow sticker bargains. You also get tips and tricks on how to save money when shopping for products online from the group.

Watch Out For Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True

Some freebie offers may be too good to be true. Many of us let our guard down on the excitement of getting a free product from our favourite brands. According to Professor Dan Ariely, the thought of freebie clouds our judgment oftentimes. The idea of possible downsides from that specific transaction is often overlooked, with most people paying the ultimate price for that simple mistake. Take some time to calculate the downsides and upsides of the offer, including its value before going for the deal. Some level of common sense will save you a great deal in such sticky situations. While you won’t be getting a free £1,000 gift voucher any time soon, you can still land a few genuine freebie deals. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions to have an idea of what you are giving up in return.

Lower you’re Expectations 

Most freebies come in small envelopes and tiny sachets. Full-sized freebies don’t come easy and very hard to find. The main idea behind freebies is to enable customers/clients to try out a new product, or even introduce one to the market. It also allows one to try out new products without spending any of their hard-earned cash. With many people signed up for such freebies, only a few people get access to the products. Do not keep your hopes high when applying for freebies- but apply for as many as you can. 70% of these will yield giving you a fresh supply of freebies in no time.  As mentioned earlier, check all the terms and conditions before applying for freebies check the value and availability of the same before submitting the applications.

Ask For Samples and Freebies – Try before buy!

Subscribing for freebies isn’t enough a strategy to get as much as you would like. Experts recommend writing to companies asking them for samples you can try out. Some companies will be willing and ready to send fresh samples to individuals who show a certain interest in their products free of charge. Many people have received discount-vouchers and huge boxes of free samples after contacting the company. Electronic mail may also come in handy when asking for freebies as well. Just remember to give an honest opinion on the product to qualify for more samples.

Guilt Isn’t Your Friend 

One thing about freebie hunting is that you never have to feel guilty about using free products from your favourite brand. Although many people may be of the idea that the company is losing millions from free products, this is not the case. These companies benefit immensely from the free samples they sent out. Most people are impressed by the samples, meaning they are more likely to purchase the same once the product hits the shelves.

Have a Second Email Address Ready

Do not use your primary email address to sign up for newsletters and freebies. This reduces the chances of spamming and unwanted calls. Setting up a secondary address however creates a buffer giving you the much-needed peace of mind. Be sure to set up secondary social media accounts, an extra phone number, etc. to use to claim freebies.

Do you get freebies often? What’s your thoughts on them?

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