Life Update – Wedding week and Christmas City breaks

Yes, you read it right, I’m talking Christmas in September. But for good reason I promise! HAY PALS, can you believe we are into the second week of September?! Who sped up time ay?

As many of you, we have been soooo busy, and summer holidays and sunny evenings feel an ever distant memory already! It’s been a fair while since I shared a life update, so I thought I’d fill y’all in.

But lets start from the top shall we. These last couple of weeks has been far from easy. Wedmin happens after the wedding don’t you know! Although, there is sooo much to still be done, including the dismantling of flowers and returning of some of the beautiful products we used. We are yet to send thank you cards either – doh!

I still have honeymoon washing to be done, and since we have been eyeballing property, we have been busy cleaning and prepping our own home, encase we decide to up sticks. All whilst juggling the very busy time of year being a blogger!

What we’ve been up to…..

Well, since coming back from the honeymoon, we have been inundated with family gatherings, birthday celebrations and general life admin jobs like car services and changing broadband provider. Oh the perils of modern day adult life! Aside from life admin, we have been preparing for the coming months by planning ahead, like weekends away and trips abroad!

We most certainly caught the travel bug after coming back from Singapore and Koh Samui, so we’ve been pretty eager to book something this side of Christmas. We have been eyeing up New York for a better part of a year and knew the only time we could enjoy New York at it’s best ( Christmas time ), would be this year.

After much deliberation, we finally booked the flights and hotel and have it all confirmed! We will be jetting off on the 19th December and landing back in the UK just in time for Christmas! We are soooo excited and whilst we won’t be spending Christmas day itself in the city, we certainly get the best of both worlds exploring the city at the most magical time of the year, before heading back to the UK to spend the day with family.

I have been a couple of times myself, but hubby is a NYC virgin so I’m excited to explore the city like a newbie! We have plenty of things earmarked including a NBA game, which is the true reason we are heading there in the first place! If you have any NYC at Christmas tips, be sure to hit me up!

Other than that, I have been a little mad for cleaning like Mrs Hinch Home! Her instagram stories has surely spurred me on to pull my finger out with our home and get it looking sparkly.

Things to look out for…..

Since the wedding has been a good six weeks, and things are kinda settling down, I thought it best I start clubbing together some of my hints, tips and DIY’s for weddings. I am also putting together some wedding week content that will have more personal notes like my wedding dress story and the inspo behind our wedding day! Stay tuned and return as wedding week will commence a week tomorrow ( Monday 24th September ). If there is anything you want me to cover for sure, be sure to leave your thoughts down below!

I’m also trying to get ahead of the game and organise festive posts that feature Halloween and of course Christmas. Thankfully I have started to make head wind, and with a new working relationship beginning, I am sooo excited for the content I will be producing on here and on insta over the coming months. Again, anything you want to see, hit me up in the comments or DM me on twitter / instagram.

Have you caught…..

I have been trying to slip back into my old blog routine of posting once a day but it has certainly been tough. I’m really starting to work harder on my content, and hopefully that shows. There have been some pretty proud posts that have gone live over here in the last couple of weeks. Here’s a few you should be reading if you haven’t done so already!

And that’s about it from me, before I bore you all half to death with my ‘ Charlotte – Nichole essay answer’ style post. Hopefully I have enticed you enough to stick around for the foreseeable future, and for my upcoming wedding content too!