Love and money – What truly matters?

Love and money – What truly matters?

When it comes to love and dating, it’s pretty confusing to understand what truly matters, and what can be side lined till it gets, you know, serious!

There’s no denying, for many, dating is a confusing and some times stressful bubble. Will they like me? What if I’m not good looking enough? What if I’m not what they’re looking for?

These are pretty normal concerns, for anyone starting to date. But do many of us really consider the other aspects? Do we consider financials in the early stages of dating? Do we look towards the future, before it’s even begun?

Apparently so. Did you know, 38% of women take profession into account when considering a partner compared to men?

Did you also know, only 26% of women are comfortable with sharing details of their finances within the first 3 months of a relationship, versus 45% of men? It’s pretty clear to see, from some recent research from¬†feratum money¬†that men and women consider very different things when starting to date.

Should you chat finances in the early stages?

Men would happily chat finances more readily than women. 46% of men would happily share their spending habits whilst 64% of women would keep quiet. The real question is, if things did get serious, would you have wanted to know of someone’s financial aspects before getting to that stage?

Personally, I don’t think its worth discussing finances with someone early on, especially on the first date! Whilst finances are very important in relationships, it only really matters when things are getting pretty committed? Mortgages, marriage and children are all reasons that many of us will join financially and I believe are the only reason to ever discuss and divulge into personal finances.

Does money really matter?

Whilst women consider careers and professions of a date more than men, these, I believe mean diddly squat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to know what your potential life time partner does for a job, but will it really matter in the long run? When you pick your life partner, you of course want to know they are on the same page as you, however, financial commitments by other is of no business until you get to the mortgage, property, baby and marriage stage!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Would you chat financials with a prospective partner early on in the relationship?

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