5 Halloween movies to watch this year!

With Hallow’s Eve being a ruddy Wednesday (I mean who’s crazyyy idea was that?), there’s not an awful lot someone like me is prepared to branch out and do. Chances are you’ve done all the good activities at the weekend. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! For me, the best option is to grab a Chinese, maybe some wine and a collection of some of the best spooky and haunting movies.

So, here’s my 2018 must watch movie list – The perfect 5!

Hocus Pocus – It’s on Sky Movies!

Is it even Halloween if you haven’t caught your yearly dose of Hocus Pocus- Nahh mate! The Disney classic I have watched every year since I was a little girl. This is usually followed by Disney’s Haunted Mansion for some Saturday afternoon spooks! Btw, The Haunted Mansion is on Sky Movies too!

It – This is on Sky movies!

Now, I have never seen the original and I don’t have a common fear for clowns, however I did find this film utterly terrified, especially in the cinema. Since being on Sky Movies, I have already watched it countless times and encourage anyone who hasn’t already done so, to watch pronto!

Haunting of Hill House – This is on Netflix

Alright alright, this isn’t exactly a movie, granted, however, its just as good, if not better than many out there! So, if you want to pull an all-nighter or even get into the spirit all week, this is the series too watch! Haunting, chilling and kind of emotional, this is something I am urging EVERYONE to watch this spooky season.

I mean it’s so god damn good I’m watching it for the second time and it still gives me the creeps!

Saw – Some on Netflix

If like me, you like something a little far fetch and a whole lot of fake blood and gore, than well, Saw is your go to film is it not? Naturally it gets a litte ridiculous towards the end of the films, yet it’s all in jest for Halloween. My fav has to be number 2!

Happy Death Day – On sky movies!

This is an ideal movie for those who want a little humour and something that isn’t going to kill them with fear. Easy to watch, if not slightly repetitive, but enjoyable all the same. Hardly scary, if scary at all, but falls into the ‘horror’ sector so perfect for Halloween night!

What movies do you like to watch Halloween time?

Any noteworthy favs that I should be watching this year?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!