A very Autumnal ASOS lust list

With the Autumn colours really starting to show, and the weather getting pretty chilly ( despite the sudden flurry of warm weather ), I do have a fair few items in my ASOS basket that I am eager to purchase. With NYC booked for Christmas time, and my wardrobe having a rather large gap where all my summer clothing used to sit, I have been scouring the web ( or just ASOS because I love it ) for some autumn / winter purchases. So here’s what I have been eyeing in my latest ASOS lust list.

ps. I have conducted a NEW way to do my lust lists just because of the sheer volume of products. I have been lovely and divided them into categories though, so if you’re looking for one specific thing, scroll till you hit the category!


I have been all over chunky knits and roll neck jumpers this autumn and for good reason! Many of my high-street favs, including Primark have a stunning range, of which I have fully embraced. Yet, despite scouring for some cheaper alternatives ( because I like to stretch my budget as far as possible ), I haven’t been able to find anything that touches the sides like these gems!

I do love autumnal colours but adore pink right now, even in the winter. This gorgeous Pull&Bear Knit would be gorgeous with a pair of jeans or midi skirt and my vans! Of course there is the stripe craze which I am lovingggg, especially for NYC. This New Look, almost toothpaste stripe jumper is a gorgeous colour and this Brave Soul stripe jumper could perfectly join my grey jumper craze! And then there’s this gorgeous thin red and blue stripe number that needs to be added to my collection.

A few other jumpers on my lust list this month include a gorgeous warehouse block jumper, a noisy may ribbed jumper ( which will work perfectly with a midi skirt ) and this gorgeous deep blue wild flower ribbed jumper. I do quiet  like the idea of a varsity jumper too or this jersey sweat! There is just soooo many I LOVE this season!


I neeeeed a new coat, or so I think I do, and so the padded coat is high on my lust list! Top of my list is the gorgeous Brave Soul hooded coat with fur Faux Fur hood in mustard. If mustard isn’t your bag, they also have it in a gorgeous red and teal too!

Non padded coat’s include a gorgeous longline wool coat, which is just the right amount of smart casual, a gorgeous pink borg coat that looks oh so cozy, a gorgeous waterfall parka with borg liner and another pink jacket that touches on the biker trend!


A/W 2019 Is all about the checked trouser right? And this is something I am KEEN to get on board with! One of my targets this year has been to purchase clothing that isn’t too similar to products already in my wardrobe. And that means the checked trouser! I love how they look with jumpers, boots and trainers so I have been eyeing up some gorgeous pairs including

Other trends I want to add to my wardrobe include the belted trouser and the paper bag trouser. I tend to wear jeans wayyy to often so I really want to expand into other trouser so I don’t always feel like I’m wearing the same. Some trousers that feature in my lust list include a gorgeous pair of polka dot paper bag trouser and a khaki tailored pair too!

** Some more checked trousers I love — One / Two

Skirts / Dresses

I wanna talk about the good old jumper dress first and foremost because one I love them and two I am still yet to add one to my wardrobe! However, this ASOS sale has given me a good old reason to grab one, or two or three! I love the look of this soft, high neck knitted jumper dress. So dreamy and would be gorgeous throughout winter, paired with some knee high boots! This Olive fine knit one would also be stunning this A/W. And finally, this cowl neck beauty will be timeless in my wardrobe – gimme gimme!

I have been going on about midi skirts of late because I purchased a very plain black on just a couple of weeks ago and I adore it! I felt like sandy out of Greese at first BUT I love it paired with a good old jumper. I’m thinking an abstract one next or a box pleat polka dot one? Decisions!


Who needs tops when you have jumpers right? Yeah exactly. However, there are a couple that have caught my eye, especially if I want to start to look a little smarter going into the office ( because ripped jeans can only be work so many times in a week ). I love the colour of this polka dot blouse and love the shape of this button down blouseboth perfect for the office this autumn.

There is of course a typical tee that I could do with which would do well under a jumper, or a long-sleeved top that again will do well underneath layers! Not forgetting some gorgeous and rather bargain graphic tees like this one and this one!


Boots, I want sooo many this season and all of tanned colouring! I have had my current pair for well over 3 years and whilst they have been doing the job, they certainly need an upgrade. These gorgeous Pull & Bear cut out boot are gorgeous, however a little concerned if it rains! However, these chunky hiker boots look perfect whatever the weather and will do me perfectly across NYC! These New Look Biker boots do just the job too, however I think I prefer the chunky look!

Other shoes, not in the boot department that I have my eye on recently include some black lace up trainers that would work really well with my midi skirt obsession and jeans and jumper look, and these gorgeous leopard print trainers that will just about curb my obsession with animal print.


Oh accessories, how I love you in the winter time. Hats, scarfs and bags are all on my hit list including this gorgeous mini mustard tote bag or this gorgeous black tote ( which will totally carry all my day to day junk! ). I have also managed to grab a gorgeous headband which I cannot wait to style in and around New York.

**Other pieces I need to mention are : This gorgeous cape that my husband would hate because it gets in the way. This pj romper type set and these pair of pjs which will be perfect for nights on the sofa watching the cry. This lounge set which might make my flight in December that bit bearable and this initial necklace encase I forget my name.

As you can tell, I had a hugeeee amount of products in my ASOS lust list this autumn. So if you made it this far CONGRATULATIONS!!!

 It’s my favourite time of year for clothing and fashion and this year I am determined to add new items to my wardrobe and feel like I am part of this season’s trend!

I also wanted to note, this is a new way of me doing lust lists, and I have much preferred it. It means I can explain a little more about the product and you can view it only if you wish.

What’s your favourite Item I featured?

Do you like the new lust list set up?

As always I love hearing your thoughts so please do leave comments below!