5 More things to do this Autumn

Hey you, autumn lover, let’s natter about what we should do differently this autumn yah? YASSSSS! Because every autumn I have a beacon of hope that I will do more, and yet I don’t. Much rather, I slip into a Netflix coma surrounded by fizzle sweets and full fat coke!

Nothin’ wrong with that of course, however I would rather like to take in the colours of autumn before it drizzles into winter. So let’s get started on the 5 things I want to do this Autumn!

Explore National Trust Sites

There is just something about wandering round national trust sites in the nippy weather with a good old coffee in hand. I LOVE autumnal colours and with the likes of Wakehurst Place having gorgeous grounds to explore, it would be even more perfect on a crisp autumn afternoon! I have some fellow National Trust sites that I want to enjoy this Autumn so fingers crossed they get ticked off and visited soon!

Make my own candles – autumn scented of course

I loveeee a good candle, especially an autumnal scent like pumpkin or cinnamon. This year, instead of just buying candles this year, I would like to make my own. It’s something I considered for the wedding, but had little time to do it, so this time of year would be perfect! Let’s hope I get round to it so I can share how I get on with you.

Go to a Halloween event

Every damn year I want to do something more ‘halloweeny’ like hit up Thorpe Park fright night or Tulley’s farm to be chased by masked men and chainsaws. What’s not more autumnal than that! This year, I hope to do something just like that with my pals, and finally tick it off my Autumn bucket list!

See a sunrise / sunset

I really want to see a sunset / sunrise this autumn just because the colours of autumn, along with the glare of the sun just seems so beautiful. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of picturesque places around my home, so it shouldn’t be too much of a task.

Go to High Rocks

This would have fallen in the top point, however High Rocks is not a National Trust site and honestly, deserves it’s own spot. Me and A got engaged there and I vowed I would go back when the autumn leaves turn and fall. Beautiful place and I can only imagine how pretty in the autumn. A must visit on an autumn Sunday for me.

And there it is. The quick 5, Charlotte – Nichole things to do this autumn!

Do you have your own Autumn to do list?

Anywhere I should visit to enjoy the turn of the leaves?

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!