All Natural Beauty Kitchen

I do love a bit of blogger mail, especially when it comes with a box of goodies from a brand you have been ever eager to try!

Thanks to Triyit, I managed to bag myself a whole box of Beauty Kitchen goodies, some of which are utterly beautiful. I have already been using so many of the products including the night halo mask which has become my new bedside staple.

So, In true blogger form, here’s what was included and my initial thoughts.

Night Halo Potent Sleep mask

Let’s start off with my new fav, shall we? This sleep mask is meant to nourish skin and detox it whilst you sleep. I’m not one for face masks, especially the oily kind, but it smelt so good, and the ingredients shouted clearer skin so I tried it first.

I really do love this product, and it seems to be doing good things for my skin. It’s only been a couple of days, but I can already tell it’s working well for my spot prone skin.

Natruline lip treatment

I had nooo idea how damaging petroleum and in turn vaseline can be to your skin, so I was so impressed to see this featured. I was eager to give this a go and see how it compared to our most loved pocket lip treatment.  If someone hadn’t of told me, this would have thrown me off that it was any different. This is not constantly buried within my handbag.

Sustainable Beauty Celebrations

Well firstly, aren’t these little jars just gorgeous! This pack of favs included a Seahorse plankton miracle mask, which can help with fine lines and wrinkles. A beauty-boosting BB Cream, which smoothens and soothes problem skin. An Abyssinian oil facial moisture cream, which helps replace skin lipids ( whatever that is ) and finally, the wonder balm which is the perfect daily care for lips.

I have managed to try a couple of these now, and I adore the 5-minute miracle mask and the bb cream.

60 Second Manicure

I have been looking after my hands ever since my honeymoon and my nails actually growing beyond my fingers. I was really intrigued as to how it would feel and work on my hands and nails, since it did have a little scent to it. Whilst it’s not the most enticing scent, I have given it a go and my good it left my skin feeling soft. I love the idea of keeping my nails healthy so this is certainly something I will use regularly.

Mineral Shield Daily Primer

I am a little picky when it comes to my primer, just because it’s the real deal when it comes to keeping everything safe and on my face. So to see a 100% natural primer included, I was certainly excited yet dubious that anything would come close to my artificial fav. And you know what, It’s bloody good! I don’t wear make-up often, but when I do, I want it to stay. The consistency is great and the scent isn’t too bad either. Definitely one to try if you want to go organic.

The cleanser repair and protect shampoo

This shampoo is to help remove build-up and repaid structure whilst restoring brightness and colour – all of which is vital and required for my hair right about now! 

Once again, I was a little dubious, but I gave it a go all the same. It didn’t create much of a foam, but a small amount went a long way. My hair certainly felt a little less dry, and the damaged ends didn’t feel as ratty as before.

I am sooo impressed with the beauty kitchen products. They are truly stunninng and what’s better, is that they are 100% natural. I am thoroughly enjoying them and cannot wait to see the true impact on my skin.

Have you ever tried the beauty kitchen?

Something that takes your fancy within the box?