Upgrade your kitchen, even with a small budget!

The kitchen is pretty much the hub of the home. Especially since open plan living, and family rooms now gravitate towards the cooking area. With that in mind, we are all conscious of how up to date and modern our current kitchen is. They can transform the feel of your whole property, and can have a huge impact on the value and sale ability later down the line.

As mentioned previously, I love chatting home and so many of us are eager to keep it looking good. Whether you are wanting to upgrade your current home for yourself, or for sale ready, there are plenty of things that can be done to your kitchen, whatever the budget.

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It’s believed the only option, when it comes to upgrading your kitchen, is to rip it all out and start again. And whilst that is an option, don’t think it has to come at a cost. Buying pre-loved or even ex display kitchens can save you a hugeee buck and look just as good as brand new! Companies such as Used Kitchen Exchange can help you find used and ex-display kitchens whatever your budget. It’s never been easier and cheaper to buy yourself a new kitchen!

Switch the small things

You don’t have to replace your whole kitchen to upgrade or spruce it up. Consider changing the smaller and potentially cheaper aspects to give it a new look and feel. Things like cupboard handles, light switches and soft furnishings can have a huge effect on the current look and feel of your kitchen. Swapping a roller blind to a shutter blind, or swapping a pendant light to spotlights can insert modern into your currently dated kitchen.

If you fancy more of a switch without replacing, consider upgrading your worktops, splash backs or even your cupboard doors. Most kitchens have fantastic cupboards, but thanks to the outdated doors, they usually hit the tip. Replacing your doors for more modern ones can give you the illusion of a new kitchen, at half the price.


And then there is painting. And I don’t just mean your walls. There are sooo many aspects of your kitchen you can actually paint, including tiles, cupboards and of course the walls. Adding a splash of colour to your current cupboards can transform what feels like an outdated and tatty kitchen, to a modern, clean cut one. I would highly advise bringing in a professional, but at the cost of paint and time vs a whole new kitchen, you will be astonished with the amount of money you can save.

There are plenty of ways we can all spruce up our current kitchen without having to rip it all out. Up-cycling used kitchens, or even working on your current one is not only a great way to save money, but limit waste too!

Have you ever considered some of these changes to give your kitchen a face lift?

Will you be giving any of these points a go?

I love hearing your thoughts so be sure to leave them below.

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