Look after your self – Feel good activities!

There are many a time when I just feel down about town. There may not be any particular reason or trigger, I’m just not feeling 100%. We all struggle from time to time and sometimes it feels like you just need a break.

And that’s okay. Whenever I get in my little rut, which is sometimes more often than none, I take a breather and do these five things.

Take a walk

In the colder and more colourful months, taking a walk is my first way to grab a breather or two. It’s a perfect way to take some time out, mull over anything that’s bothering you and just enjoy the fresh air. Wander on your own and listen to a podcast, or grab your other half or pal to truly un-load from your days troubles.

Run a bath

Is there anything more relaxing than a long, warm bath. Light a few candles, grab a hot choccy and even your iPad for some netflix binging. My perfect set up includes bath petals and some Friends on Netflix – Always guaranteed to make me smile and ultimately cheerful.

Switch off

From social media I mean. That’s right switch it off and disembark from the social media train. Being fully immersed in the very false life of social media can be mentally draining. Stepping away for an evening or two can make a hugeeee difference to your mood and mindset.

Take a mind dump

Somethings are handled better when you’ve dumped them – somewhere. Whether you open a blog post window, scribble in a note pad or text your mum, taking a mind dump one way or another can give you huge relief from some of your concerns and worries.


I find yoga soooo relaxing. Breathing properly, focusing on my posture and pose. It truly can help you relax and unwind. I find myself doing yoga before bed, especially if I am struggling with sleep. Don’t worry if it’s not something you have done before, there are alot of youtube videos that can help you start.

The most important factor of this wholeeee post is to do you! It may be watching a movie, or binging on The Office, or it may be rummaging through your inbox. Whatever it is that you truly enjoy and that takes you out of the moment, do it!

We are all guilty of getting caught up in work emails, money worries and general adulting dilemmas, that sometimes we forget to take a quick time out and look after number one!

What do you do for yourself?

How often do you look after yourself?


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