Moving or Improving your home

I have posted so much content in relation to your home, and for good reason. It’s the hub of your entire life. It’s where you come home after a hard days graft and its where you enjoy the days off. Ultimately, it’s got to be the best place to relax, unwind and enjoy spare time with friends, family or just Netflix!

As we near the very busy festive period, we are once again struck with, ‘how in hell am I going to cope this year?‘ Whether it be space wise and fitting in your ten thousand aunts on Christmas Afternoon, or whether It be how your kitchen will cope under the strain of Christmas dinner. It may even be for New Years Eve. You would love to host a bash with friends and family but your home is just not up for it!

Yes, this time of year really can make you turn on your own home.

Whether this is the last year you have to struggle, or you can shoe horn some improvements quickly, there are ways around it, whatever your budget or your agenda. Here’s a couple of things to consider for your New Years improvements.

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Consider : Move or improve?

This is the biggest question and for some its a straight answer. But, if you have currently a home bursting at the seams, but the opportunity to extend, than it’s no straight yes no answer I’m afraid. Improving your home, whilst may seem expensive, can work out to be much cheaper than making a move. Plus, it can give you the opportunity to make money on your current property and doesn’t take as much effort as packing up and moving sticks.

When considering whether moving, or straight up improving is the best answer, consider the current value of your home and whether improvements will be worth the cost. Many forget that properties do have ceiling prices and whilst spending tens of thousands of pounds improving and expanding may seem the best answer, it can work out money wasted, especially if you won’t get it back when you re-sell.

Up , Down, Side to side.

So, you’ve decided to improve where you are and not sure how? Well, many properties will give the opportunity to expand in many areas including loft conversions, single storey extensions, conservatories and more. One thing to bare in mind are things like building regulations and planning permissions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of those, it may be wise to consider a single storey extension that is within permit whereby planning permission is not required.

Extensions which include fixed glass rooflights are in hugeee demand, and rightly so. They really make an impression to a room and look utterly stunning. You may consider using bi-fold doors which also give you the illusion of the outside in. If you’re moving up and don’t want to lose too much light, you may consider Walk on glass floors. They look fantastic and add a little quirk to any home. Choosing the right fixtures and design of your extension can make a hugeee impact on the new space you create within your home.

Moving & Improving

Nahh, you wanna move – you’re not that keen on the area and you just need more space! One thing to really consider, when you are moving is budget. Time and time again many will turn down a property because it doesn’t carry what they want, right now! Moving can include improving too. 3 Bedroom properties are more expensive than a 2 bed, although a 2 bed can carry the opportunity for expansion to include that much needed extra room. Taking this ideal when hunting for your next property might give you 1 : the chance to create a home perfect for you and 2 : a property that will return your investment. PLUS, the property that has less now, can be cheaper, giving you the money to do improvements right away. Essentially, these properties that have the ability to become everything you want and need should be considered and not written off.

I love this topic. Homes are sooo important and many of us can feel helpless when knowing what the best decision and move is for them. Truth is, only you will know the best decision, but hey, you could always do with some guidance right? So, let’s just say, this is defiantly something I will be expanding on in the New Year, ahead of property plans and improvements for 2019.

Are you struggling for space where you are?

You looking to move next year?