Get away with not washing your hair for 3+ Days!

I try to not wash my hair for 3+ days at a time. My friend only washes her hair once a week! Incredible.

It may sound totally gross, BUT hear me out!

I have been to the hairdressers numerous times and been lectured on how many times I wash my hair in a week. Yes, I do have colour treated hair so that has something to do with it, but as many of us know, the number of times we wash our hair can seriously damage our hair. No lie, damage it.

Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils and in turn, damages the structure of it. It can be more prone to breakage and split ends. You may even have to have more chopped off due to serious damage to the hair. A little drastic but it can happen!

Sooo what’s the solution I hear you cry?

Well….cutting back on how many times we actually wash it.

So if you want to improve the health of your hair and prolong the amount of time in-between washes, read on because I have some of the perfect solutions! (Trust me I do all of them!).

Use dry shampoo

It’s a product sent from the hair gods. One spray of this mystical product and greasy roots are no more! It can not only help prolong the amount of time in between washes but help you get away with it in style. Lot’s of different companies now provide dry shampoo, but my favourite product is

Curl your hair

I am a dead straight kinda hair girl. Honestly, doesn’t matter whether I dry it or not, it always ends up dead straight. Some say it’s a gift, I can often see it as a curse. So one way I get round washing it all the time is by curling it. Adding some volume to my hair not only gives it a variation, it means I can get away with leaving it longer in-between washes. Using a curling wand, I curl my hair the evening after I have washed it. Super easy, not to time-consuming and gives me style for the next 2 – 3 days!

Start using different styles

One of the main reasons I was put off trying to wean my hair onto a shorter wash cycle was down to the fact I didn’t know too many styles. Other than, bun and down, my hair was pretty boring. BUT, knowing various styles to trend throughout the week can make it soo much easier prolonging the number of days you can go without washing it!

Take a bath

Not only can it be a lot more relaxing, but it’s a real easy way to keep your locks out of the wet and in the dry. Run yourself a nice bubble bath, grab a book or even your iPad and truly relax. The time alone you’re spending unwinding rather than washing and drying your hair will transform you into a bath queen who’s broken her own hair washing routine!

Invest in a Shower cap

You may either not have a bath at all, or actually not too keen to have baths. Failing that, baths are too much of a ball ache to run sometimes and you just need a quick nip in nip out wash motion. All hail the shower cap. The genius invention that was actually for our mothers and protecting their perm. But it works all the same and can keep your mane water free in-between washes. Even better, it keeps the humidity out too, which in itself can make your hair look all levels of minging. Grab yourself one when you’re next in Poundland. Or you can nip to boots who have a nice variety of designs too!

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How long can you go without washing your hair?

How do you do it?

Let me know by starting some chatter below!