Travelling Light: How To Pack Efficiently & Reduce Travel Stress!*

No matter where you’re going next, travelling light ensures you reduce the pre-holiday stress. Make the most of your trip with these simple tips!

Packing for a trip can be very stressful indeed. You’re constantly worrying about what’s in your suitcase and what you’ve left out. Then, there’s the panic of weighing your case and realising it’s heavier than what your airline allows. Oh, and don’t forget the money, passport and boarding passes! To prevent all these worries, you need a plan in place. Travelling light may seem impossible for a week away, but it’s actually easier than you might think.

Make a list!

Each time you book a trip, whether it’s two weeks in the Canaries or a weekend in the Lake District, it’s a great habit to have a plan of action. Start with a packing list for your trip. This way, you can write down what you need for each day you’re away. If you’re really into making lists, you can split these into categories, listing different items under headings such as ‘daywear’, ‘nightwear’ or ‘toiletries’.

When you’ve made your lists and you’re certain you’ve got everything nailed on the head, the realisation sets in. You need to take how much?! Save your panic – there’s a way to reduce these lists further; you just need to know some simple tricks.

Change up your clothing.

There’s a shirt or dress that would be perfect for your trip in your wardrobe, but it’s not really the best fit. You don’t have to neglect it – think about making some changes to it to make it more wearable. Clothing alterations by Alterations Boutique make it so much easier to use those old favourites again and again, meaning you don’t have to keep investing in new items each time you travel.

Altering your clothing is not the only way to save a little bit of space. Using the same outfit or items of clothing for more than one outfit is sure to free up a whole lot of space in your suitcase. Think about using a pair of sandals for multiple outfits or a shirt that can work for both day and night. Be adventurous and see what you can come up with while also saving space in the case!

Vacuum and roll!

Okay, this one is probably the best trick in the book to save more space and avoid creasing your clothes before you get to your destination. Instead of folding up your clothes into nice neat piles and placing them carefully into your suitcase, roll them up. This will stop any creases from forming and save a ton of space. For even more wiggle room, use vacuum compression bags to get rid of all the air – you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at more space and fewer creases.

Tablets and eBooks.

We all love a good read by the side of the pool but packing multiple books in your suitcase really takes up space and uses a lot of weight. If you’ve not yet done so, investing in a tablet or eBook to view all your books in one place is more than worth it. They’re small and lightweight too, so you can get all your reads in without compromising on space.

Travel bottles and containers.

Instead of taking new, full bottles of shampoo or shower gel, think realistically; you’re really not going to use a full bottle when you’re only away for a few days. Use a smaller bottle and separate a smaller amount of your liquid into each one. These are much easier to fit in your suitcase and will take up a lot less weight than the original sizes and shapes of your bottles.

Lightweight suitcases.

It may be something you’ve not really thought about before, but the weight of a suitcase can be a problem. Instead of going for what looks nice, try and seek out lightweight suitcases made from lighter materials. Yep, you guessed it – the weight you save from opting for a more efficient suitcase can be used to pack even more clothes! Don’t forget – make sure you can tell it apart from other cases by adding a snazzy ribbon or luggage tag.

Travelling light is the key to a stress-free trip!

We know that most of the stress we feel before we go on a trip is due to the fact that we panic about not having everything we need. With these tips on how to travel lighter but more efficiently, we can make sure we skip that stressful stage and concentrate on enjoying ourselves to the max!

Do you have any travelling tips?

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