Why you should buy Silver Jewellery over Gold!

Why you should buy Silver Jewellery over Gold!

Jewellery really is a girls best friend. I have sooo many pieces and without fail, every birthday and Christmas ask for more. Honestly you can never have enough.

But want to know something really interesting?  Most of it, if not all, are silver pieces. Tiffany bracelet, necklaces, and even my wedding and engagement ring. Wanna know why? No particular reason, just that it suits me and my style a whole lot more. And that pretty much the case for many of us.

So, if you are already thinking about what to ask for this Christmas, you’re piece or wondering what to buy your partner, consider sterling silver jewellery as opposed to the more expensive alternative, gold.

I know I am not alone in owning mostly silver pieces, but if you are yet to be convinced, here are just a few of the reasons why silver jewellery makes more sense than gold. 

Silver goes with everything!

Sterling silver has a timeless appeal and what’s more, it blends with any look. Take a look at these silver bangles UK women love to wear and you will see that there are indeed many different styles. Silver can often be blended with other pieces too, so if you do have a couple of pieces of gold / rose gold, silver will always be the best sister piece.

Silver is more affordable

There’s no denying, silver is much cheaper and more affordable than the gold pieces. Of course, you can still get some hefty price tags for silver pieces ( just take a look at the Tiffany website ), but on average, you will find styles to suit your budget in silver rather than gold.

Not only is silver cheaper, but it is a lot more durable than gold. Gold tends to be a little too soft for comfort and can easily bend if caught on clothing. Win win!

If you want to know more, head to these articles which offer many reasons why silver is a better solution than gold.

Silver offers a wider choice

There is hugeeee choice when it comes to silver pieces. Just take a browse online and you will see the endless styles of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings Silver has too offer. You will literally be spoilt for choice, which isn’t too great if you’re not sure what you want!

Add to Her Silver Charm Collection

Need I mention the brand of charm bracelets most women on earth possess that are mainly silver! If you’re unsure on what new piece to purchase the safest option would be a charm for said bracelet. Well all love an array of charms and even better, a full and complete bracelet. If you’re not too keen, why not branch out into some of their other collections that they offer, other than their infamous charm bracelet.

Do you mainly wear silver?

What’s your thoughts on the downhill decline of gold?

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!