Working full-time and a Blogger : Here’s my advice!

We all can go off our blog right? Hey, sometimes we wonder why we are really doing it all! Especially when you have a full time, Monday to Friday job! That, as well as the scheduling, planning and posting regular, upbeat content.

Hey, that me!

Yeah, it’s bloody hard work right! I have been full time blogging for a fair few years, and only in recent months have I started to up my game in order to push and excel my blog. There have been many a days where I have been stressed and tired, just because of the full time work that comes after coming home from my other full time work!

So, when other bloggers explain they have full time jobs as well as their blogging, and they are killing it, I completely sympathise and envy them for getting it so bloody right!

So how should we all be doing it, without running ourselves into the ground? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s my guide on how to manage blogging with a full time job.

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Manage your time

I would like to note, it certainly gets harder as you have more and more brand collaborations and reviews to schedule into your diary. I would highly advise managing a physical diary. Oh, I also create, print and staple sheets, graphs and tables into my diary too. These sheets differ in content, but I always have a table of all my collaborations I am working on for my blog. Here, I tend to note down contact names, email addresses and a brief on the collaboration. I detail the cost and it’s highlighted off once it’s been paid.

Other tables include products for gift guides, a schedule for the content I want to pitch and plan for upcoming weeks and months.

In my diary, I make notes for every day of what is needed for the basic running for my blog, including scheduling tweets, posting on Instagram and chasing emails. Here, I mark off when it’s done too. I find managing my time in this manner helps massively when I feel overwhelmed with opportunities and collaborations. It also helps when I am overrunning with ideas and not sure when to tackle them!

Give yourself time

I would say running on steam is not a good idea. To give your all to your blog, you need to be in the right frame of mind. I always come home and relax for an hour or two. Usually that is cooking dinner and catching up on telly, but those couple of hours grace after work helps massively! I can then feel somewhat refreshed to tackle the blogging jobs before bed.

Don’t overpromise

It’s soooo easy to say yes to every opportunity that lands in your lap, but remember, you want to give your all. To give an opportunity and collaboration your undivided attention and the effort it requires, you need to give yourself the time to do it. Can’t commit unless you don’t have any other collaborations, mention that. This maybe the time to raise your pricing. Remember demand can raise your cost and will help you work on projects that demand more time and energy to make sure they are tip top perfect!

Forward plan

Want to work with a brand this Christmas? Mines all planned! Want to include products in a gift guide, you should have already contacted them! Beat others to the punch and forward plan. You may have to negotiate rates and the collaboration and you really don’t want to be against the clock or rushing. Forward plan, ideally 2 months in advance to give you plenty of time to negotiate and prepare.

Analyse where you want to go

Many think because you are a blogger and earning a little pocket money on the side of your full time job, that you will eventually want to sack in your permanent role. It doesn’t have to be that way! Consider where you want to head, and if that means working full time with your blog being the side-line activity, so be it! I constantly believed that until I quit my full time job, than I couldn’t consider my blog as a success. But in fact it’s much the opposite. It is hard work doing both, but in fact I rather enjoy the idea of pushing myself when I feel like it.

Hard month at work? Take my foot off the pedal on my blog then! I don’t feel stress or anxious about making enough from my blog and that’s just how I like it.

Enjoy it!

My only drive, despite being paid for some of my work, is because I want to do it for myself. I LOVE creating content that can be shared online and help someone, somehow. I LOVE taking photos that I feel will compliment a topic, or highlight a location. I adore every aspect of blogging, including scheduling of social media. I get a real buzz when people say they love my content and take the time to follow me, just to keep up to date with what I say.

Whilst social media can be hugelyyyy demanding and absorbing if constantly looking at numbers, I enjoy sharing my view and aspect of the world and my life.  I would say, you have to enjoy it, to really reap the rewards of your efforts.

Do you work full time and blog?

Have any tips for those that do?

As always, leave your thoughts and tips in the comment section below!