Stocking fillers UNDER £20!

Just when you think you’ve conquered the Christmas shopping for another year, you remember you vowed to do a stocking for your other half – doh! Yes, many a time we tend to forget the small things needed to make a stocking and majority of the time we panic buy.

So, in aid of all those shopping for stocking fillers, and losing the will to live, here’s over 50 ( yes OVER 50 ) under £20 stocking fillers for both men and women. I have even categorised them into different sections to be even more helpful. So, don’t panic about racing round the shops this Christmas to fill that stocking, buy it all online through this very nifty shopping post.

ps – This doubles up as a hugeeeee under £20 gift guide for both men and women so go, go, go! 

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For Her

Women, I think, are the easiest out of the two to purchase stocking fillers for. Partly because I am a women and can always think of a 101 ideas to fill my own stocking! Beauty products, small fashion accessories and even home knick knacks are all things that would be perfect within a Ladies Stocking.


A ladies stocking cannot not have some beauty products of some sort. Miniatures, smelly gift sets, bath bombs and even some make-up. There is ample choice, and you can see it all below!  I adore the Benefit minis this year – so perfect for holibobs and getaways! 


Diamonds are a girls best friend – I am certainly not implying you have to purchase diamonds – but anything sparkly goes right! Small jewellery pieces can be picked up under budget for your stocking, so why not grab some and surprise her. I’ve managed to find some absolute gorgeous pieces, and of course, they all fall under the £20 mark! If you hadn’t noticed I adore tassels! 


With winter upon us, there should be some winter warmers packing in any stocking. Fluffy headbands, scarfs, hats and gloves – yes all these can be found under £20 and in a stocking. My personal favourite are the leopard print accessories! 


This is a wideeeee range of products that fall under ‘fashion’ shall I say. Yes, get inventive, stocking don’t have to be full of knick knacks and small pieces. Trainers, slippers and even pj’s under the £20 can all fall into the stocking. Here’s a selection of what I found on the web that will be perfect in her stocking, especially if you have the ‘one item must be £20 rule’ ( I do by the way! ). 

Knick Knacks

These are the fairly usual pieces that can be found in a stocking. Travel mugs are a great stocking filler this year, especially if she’s an environmentally minded gal. Of course I have included candles and some stationery pieces too.

For Him

Let’s head on to the men shall we!  They can be a little tricky when it comes to purchasing stocking fillers. Chocolate usually does the trick, so does some smelly sets too, but encase you are struggling, or want to spruce things up a little, here’s some ideas for him. I always try to tailor it to his hobbies, and include some knick knacks that would be overall helpful throughout the year!

Skin / Hair Care

Men should be looking after the skin as well as their hair! Beards and all. With so many products available to keep their face, beard and hair all in tip top condition, the stocking is the perfect time to introduce some new products to him. Here are just a few that I found on the inter-web that once again fall under £20!


Just like the ladies, stocking’s are the perfect place to slip in an ‘expensive’ product if that’s your rule! T-shirts, shoes, jumpers and more can all be found under this category. I’ve also included some pjs too because winter is the time they should be dressing for bed – don’t you think!


Accessories are something we all use day in day out. For the boys, I have pulled together a collection of the vital accessories, especially for winter. I’m thinking Cuff-links, Hats, Scarfs, Hankies, watches, ties and backpacks. Yes, all these items can be found below and under the perfect price point of £20!

Gift Sets

We all loveeee a gift set, and boys are nooo exception. This section has a little twist from me too, including some foody gift sets that are perfect for those Nando lovers and spicy souls!

Electrical / Gadgets

He does love a good electrical item doesn’t he! Of course, he uses ample when trimming his beard, clearing the hose hair or listening to tunes in the gym. Whatever electrical items he loves enjoying, upgrade or add to his current collection.

Knick Knacks

This one is all about the fun. The fun games, quirky gifts and some that tap into their hobbies ( which I love because it makes them that much more personal ). I’ve also included some much loved items by the boys including hip flasks, water bottles and nifty small sets for cyclists and golf lovers. As always, they are all £20 or under!!!

So, there we have it. The ultimate Under £20 gift list, which make them perfect for stocking fillers and those alike. Be sure to share with friends if there’s something you like the look of, and comment on what’s your favourite piece I have featured.

Happy Shopping!

** This post contains affiliate links. This changes nothing when you order, just means I might make a little commission from my recommendation**