Grabbing the perfect decorations – Shop this post

December starts THIS weekend…..can you believe it?! As Saturday is the start of December, many of us will be whacking our Christmas trees up and really getting into the festive spirit…..right?

The Christmas advent calendars will be started, and the Christmas tunes will undoubtedly blasting. If not already started, Christmas shopping will well and truly be underway.

Some of us like to add, change or completely overhaul our decorations every year and I am no exception. For the last couple of years, our tree has had the same theme and this year I am eager to add a bit more to my tree.

There are soooo many gorgeous Christmas deccys to grab online, so here are some stunning pieces that you can grab before Christmas decorations start this weekend!

A Tree

This year maybe the year that you grab yourself a new tree. Failing that, a real one! We have always had an artificial one since we have been blessed with tall ceilings and a rather large space, we have no worry on how tall of a tree we can fit. If you are on the hunt for a new one this year, here are some that I gathered from across the web!


For your tree

I loveeee buying for my Christmas Tree. This year I am in dire need of more baubles, with a bit more colour per se. I do love having ornaments on my tree, so again, I am in need for some of those! I’m thinking of adding Crimson Red and Dark green into my usually just Gold and Brown tree. I think it’s great to spruce and update Christmas deccy’s, especially when some stores launch sales and discounts.

I’ve scoured the web, hunted the stores and found a gorgeous collection of stunning ornaments, baubles and general decorations you should be hanging on your Christmas tree this year!

Under the tree

Ayy, those presents need something to rest on. The bottom of your tree needs to look just as good as the rest! Tree skirts are great for sprucing up the bottom and hiding those light cables! Plus, they make your tree look pretty even without the prezzies! Here are some of my favs I’ve found!

Home Ornaments

There is nothing better than carrying the festivities across your home. The decorating doesn’t have to stop at the tree, and neither does it have to be tacky or over the top. There are so many gorgeous pieces that are cute and subtle for the Christmas period. Here are some that will have pride of place in any home!

For the table

Christmas is not complete unless you have a dining table to beam festivity. Table garlands, classic table cloths and even baubles. The table is the centre of Christmas, so dress yours for the occasion with some of these gorgeous pieces.


The Green doesn’t stop at the tree. There is so much foliage to be had throughout your home this Christmas. Gorgeous wreaths, garlands and sprigs of holly are perfect to line your home. Catch a load of these which I managed to find.


Of course, you need a stocking to stuff all those small prezzies in, so you better get shopping for the best one! We managed to knab ours this year on our local TKMax but damn, there are some pretty cute ones bouncing round the web!

Soft Furnishings

Yup, Christmas cushions are a thing, and so are blankets. Tis the season to wrap up, so here’s a loadddd of cushions to purchase to make your sofa sing Christmas too!


Christmas is all about cosy vibes, and warm lighting. So, finding the perfect set of lights is vital to make a grotto in your living room. There are stunning pieces to be found, and once again, they don’t have to be tacky. Here’s some pieces that would look great and classy in any home.

Alright, that’s it. The complete guide to get your home, and tree ready for the start of December this weekend. Yes, I will be popping mine up and yes, you are sure to see snaps and stories over on the gram.