Grabbing yourself a deal – The best things to purchase this time of year

We all love finding a bargain don’t we? As we have now reached November, the Christmas adverts truly begin and we all start lusting over those must need objects.

Although, you don’t have to wait till Christmas to treat yourself. This time of year is the prime time to grab yourself a bargain or two. No longer are the sales post Christmas, they are pre-Christmas too! With black Friday only weeks away, and many brands and business’ dropping prices in time for Christmas, now  is the perfect opportunity to grab some of those all important items. Whether you have been putting off the purchase, or believed you couldn’t afford it before, now is the time to get looking and shopping for those discounts.

With that in mind, I have collected together some of the items you should be grabbing BEFORE the January sales.

Kitchen Appliances

There is no better time of year for your fridge to pack up or your dishwasher to start leaking. It’s a pain in the bum granted but there is a silver lining! Chances are, you will find your much needed Kitchen appliance heavily discounted this time of year. Why? Because everyone wants them BEFORE Christmas. Items like the fridge freezer or dishwasher are necessities when it comes to Christmas hosting too. After all, you need a fridge big enough for that huge Christmas turkey!

Stop putting off buying that new American fridge freezer, and grab it now – I promise it will be worth it!


Much like the Kitchen Appliances, many electrical products will now be heavily discounted to get them in homes before Christmas. It’s well worth shopping around, especially if you are on the hunt for a new telly or surround sound system. Imagine the Christmas movies on a brand new telly!


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, November is the BEST time of year to book your next adventure. With black Friday deals bouncing around weeks before black Friday, you should keep eyes and ears peeled on your favourite holiday website for the latest deals.  Flights and accommodation prices are usually slashed, so that distant dream of California could become a reality if you book now.


Of course you will find a bargain with furniture. Just like kitchen appliances, stores want to get them to you in time for Christmas. Store like DFS and Oak Furniture land always offer pre-chirstmas deals. Which is great if you need a new sofa or dining table to host your family this Chrimbo.

I always look out for bargains this time of year. When money can typically be a little tight, I always make sure I have some bouncing around to make the most of the Autumn and black Friday deals.