A Hostess with the Mostess – Christmas Gift Guide

I for one am a hostess. I love hosting gatherings, parties, game nights, you name it, I host it. Call me Monica, but being the perfect hostess means preparation, planning and the right sort of cutlery! Christmas, as we know, is the perfect time to host, as well as purchase hosting accessories!

So, here’s the ultimate gift guide for buying the perfect gift for a hostess, or maybe get you prepped for the upcoming festivities.

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The Cocktail Maker

Yup, cocktails are a must for any occasion and your hostess needs the ability to shake and stir the perfect concoction! This gorgeous Cocktail set from VonShef is perfect for any hostess. Teamed with a pair of High Ball glasses your hostess will be buzzing to host a cocktail night.

With the cocktail set at just £14.99 and the high balls at £14.99 too, you can gift the ultimate cocktail kit for just £30.00!!

pssst, Domu brands do a gorgeous range of the cocktail sets, including this Green Brushed gold one! It’s out of stock at the mo but will be back in stock at the end of this week! 

Check these cocktail friendly gifts too to create a perfect bundle!

Tea or Coffee?

Is a hostess complete without the perfect set for Tea and Coffee? No, not really! Whether your Hostess has a coffee maker, prefers a kettle or likes to brew in a Cafetiere, this section has everything and more your hostess needs to tick that Tea or Coffee box.

Starting off with coffee, because come on, who can work without it, there is plenty to purchase for any hostess or even coffee lover. This gorgeous Barista & Co Cafetiere and set are the perfect accessory and gift. My set includes an Eight Cup coffee press, a milk frother, Cocoa shaker, Cocoa Stencils and 6 metal frame cups.

With many online retailers offering gorgeous Tea Service sets, there is plenty to choose from to suit every budget.

The Perfect Dining Table

This section is pretty broad. For hostess, the dining table is the centre piece and well, why not give them what they need! Accessories to dress the table, or the perfect dining set make perfect Christmas gifts, and they don’t have to be expensive. This gorgeous Quartz dining set from Amara starts at just £9.60!

There is of course gorgeous accessories that can accompany any table like the stunning glass box. Fill with Christmas accents or valuable statement pieces to create a unique table piece. At just £33, this gorgeous accessory can even dub as a jewellery box!

For more of a statement on the dinner table, the Iron Star tray makes a stunning table piece, as well as a staple across the home. As pictured, they look fabulous holding seasonal accessories or being used as a tray altogether. At just £31 for a set of two, this makes a great, multi-functional prezzie for Hostess and home owners alike!

Other stunning Hostess worthy table accessories

Family Friendly Competition

Christmas really isn’t the same without some good old fashioned games to enjoy throughout the Christmas period and beyond. In our family, we tend to play ample board games and such on Boxing Day – It’s all part of the festive spirit. When it comes to Christmas Day, more civilised games like Chess or even a puzzle may be played.

With that in mind, Classic games are a must for any hostess! Whether it be classic Cludeo, a Monopoly or even the game of life, family friendly and classic game sets make the perfect gift. If it’s the more classic and centre piece worthy set you’re after, hit up Farrar Tanner. They provide so many stunning games sets, that will not only provide endless hours of festive fun, but look stunning under the coffee table!

pssst – Here’s their Christmas Catalogue to have a look at, they have so many great gift ideas! 

So there we have it, another gift guide that will not only give you ample ideas for family, but possibly your own ideas on what to nab in time for Christmas!

Are you a true hostess? Anything take your fancy in this guide?

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