How to use instagram to capture your Wedding Day!

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Its visual feed has also ensured the platform high engagement rates and popularity. Why does it matter even if you’re not a professional marketer?

The reason is simple: Because if you’re planning your wedding, you also need to think of how your guests are going to share their photos of the big day. Indeed, your wedding day requires months of planning and disappear in only a few hours. Pictures are your best bet to keep the memories alive. SO why not make Instagram your go-to photo album for the day?

Be confident in yourself

Let’s address the elephant in the room. As the bride-to-be, you will be in most photos. Consequently, if you want to enjoy looking at the snapshots of the day, you need to feel happy in your skin. Getting your outfit and style right is essential; otherwise you’re likely to feel uncomfortable and awkward all day. For most brides, the beauty regime begins long before the wedding day, months ahead with proper pampering and skin routines. Dedicated skincare products can go a long way in helping you to feel and look amazing on your special day, for instance. Similarly, choosing a dress that works for you is crucial – you don’t want to be holding your strapless dress all day long for fear of losing it!

Find a relaxed photo corner

Even when you’ve hired a professional photographer, you need to add a special photo corner for your guests. Everyone wants to snap a handful of tasteful and flattering selfies in their best outfits, so hiring a wedding photo booth is going to give them a place to create visual memories. Additionally, the advantage of a photo booth is that it creates a framing continuity between all the pictures, making sure your guests Insta photos will fit within your theme.

Encourage your guests to join in

The keyword to encourage your guests to use Instagram is #hashtags. Indeed, as most people are using Instagram, you want to make sure that you can find their photos online. Ultimately, that’s where wedding hashtag ideas come in. You will need to create your own – something like #weddingparty or #weddingphotos will only catch images from all around the world. It’s a good idea to pick something unique and easy to remember for your guests, as you want them to use the hashtag for all their photos. A pun on a famous film is always a good idea, for example. The key rules are to start with your names and add the date before you can get punny.

Planning your thank-you gift

Did you know you could create a photo album using the hashtag photos? It’s a great way to thank your bridesmaids, for instance, by creating a short collection of their best shots. You can also use your favourite images directly onto your thank-you card to your guests – or have a few alternatives so that everyone receives a thank-you note with a picture of themselves at your wedding.

The digital technology is revolutionising your wedding memories. Bearing in mind that using Instagram doesn’t contradict hiring a professional photographer, you can make your wedding social media friendly to create memories for all!