Holy Grail tips for new bloggers

I have been blogging for a good couple of years now and feel like I have become some what part of the furniture. However, I have had my fair share of changes, decision making and ultimately mistakes along the way. I have swapped and changed not only my blog domain, but my platform many a time, and I have FINALLY settled on a resting place that is here.

In the duration of my years as a blogger, I have certainly tried every trick in the book, and kept up to date on the trends. Whether that be on social media, content or even style. I have read countless blogs, including the ones many would call my competitors. I have copied styles, analysed what gets the likes and engagement and changed everything I do to try and get my further in my blogging career – even if I didn’t really like the content I was producing.

After all of that experimenting, I have finally found a style, presence and type of content I am happy producing, flaunting and really promoting – even to friends!

But along that bumpy road, I have learnt a fair few lessons. So without further ado, here are my own holy grail tips for starter bloggers ( the ones I would have wanted to know right from the beginning).

Use WordPress

I know wordpress is a little hit and miss for some. It’s a bit like Marmite and not everyone likes it, I get it. Butttt, if I had my time again, I would start on wordpress and stick to it. There is sooo much creative freedom when it comes to designing your site and you can avoid a whole lotta faff when you realise you really should be on wordpress and now you’ve gotta make the move! Since my migration, I have found blog themes are much more versatile and you really do have creative freedom on your content and your appearance.

Buy a domain

Another nugget of info I wish I had — buy your domain straight out! Once again it can save you a whole lot of faff later down the line, and you can get to work on your domain authority straight out! It doesn’t have to cost much for your domain and it will be well worth the pennies later on.

Something to really consider when starting out, your blog name and domain. Remember that this may be with you a long time, and if wanting to change it later on, you will lose that precious domain authority you built up. I have had several names and domains across the years  ( including ‘Travel the world with me’ and A life of a Charlotte’). It was only 2 years ago I realised that the best option was my name and so sought a new domain. Some times the simpliest of domains is worth more than anything else.

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Be social

On every social media account you can. Having multiple platforms can help gain traffic and will look great when reaching out to brands. Be sure to keep them updated and personal. I find the social media profiles I enjoy the most embark on their personality and pepper in their blog and professionalism. Stay true to yourself and you will build a strong social presence. My BIGGEST advice would be to forget the follower count. Yes, that does matter, however solely focusing on your followers can influence the content you produce and publish, and sometimes not for good reason. Be true to yourself, produce content you love and want to publish and the rest will follow.

Be open and true

Be open to the fact that you will probably make mistakes. Be open to the idea that you will chop and change your writing style and content until you find something you are truly happy and proud of. It’s natural. Do not get yourself down for changing things along the way, or being uncertain on the exact direction you are heading. If you’re unsure of something with a brand, be honest and ask questions. Not every blogger knows everything that comes with creating and publishing good content, so why should you.

Know your own value

I have posted something in relation to this before because I truly believe, only you know your value. Only you know how much is not enough for the work and effort you are putting into a collaboration post. Many bloggers advise on guidelines on what to charge which is great on giving you a ball park figure to work around, but that is all it is. What you may consider as valuable time may be considered by others as just part and parcel of the industry. To get some more detail on what I’m going on about here, Read my post  to know more on how you should charge companies for your time.

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What’s your blogger advice?

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