Things to remember when Christmas Shopping

I detest Christmas Shopping. Cruel I know, but it’s the bane of Christmas. I hate considering gift ideas and I find it sooo hard not to spend too much or go overboard. 

What is the perfect happy medium on what to spend on each other? What do you get when they seem to have it all? 

Now, don’t confuse me with someone who doesn’t like giving presents because that’s not the case. Moreover, it’s knowing what to get and getting it. 

So, before you go mad, orrrr think you’re alone in feeling the same, here’s some things to remember when doing your Christmas shopping this year. 

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It’s not all about how much you spend.

That’s right. We all get tied up in the cost of things and making sure we spend enough to show we care. News flash, they won’t care! And if they do, then maybe they don’t deserve your present next year. 

Christmas is more than the prezzies and whilst you may believe that, you’ll probably get a look or two if you don’t buy a little something something for anyone this year.

Don’t stress and don’t panic that you have to spend a lot. It really is the thought that counts!

Don’t put yourself under financial strain.

The last point leads nicely onto this one, don’t you think?

There is nothing worse than stressing about money round about this time of year. Yes, Christmas is expensive. Presents, food, booze and more. It all comes at a cost. But truth is, it’s as expensive as you make it.

Don’t put yourself under finacial strain for the sake of others. Budget and stick to it. Your family and friends would much rather you spend less than spend money you don’t have on presents for others.

Take your time

Whilst Christmas is coming round quick, there is still plenty of time to shop around and really think about it. The worst idea is to just buy something you find. I always find pleasure in grabbing a great gift and watching them open and enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

Shop around, search the web, there are some gorgeous gifts to be found across the web.

I am not alone in Christmas shopping stress, and hopefully this post has helped, especially if you have been feeling the same. 

How do you feel when Christmas shopping?

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