Turning 25 – Life Update

Did you know, it was my birthday last week? The good old 2-5! A quarter of a century and still none the wiser on how to adult – properly. I am over the threshold and looking down on my late 20s. And honestly, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it. 

So, since I haven’t been here chatting life all too much, where better to catch up than getting a year older! I hate to do one of those ‘oooh look at what I got’ posts and would much prefer just letting you know what I got up to, and my ultimate thoughts on hitting my late 20s.

Friday – I had a half day of work, greeted by some 25 banners and a shit tonne of confetti on my desk, followed by a card and then drove on home for lunch. Pretty much the bulk of my day. 

I’m not one for celebrating massively, so me and hubby chilled, opened prezzies and got ready before heading to Ask Italian in Lewes. 

I even managed to do some blogging photography and really take advantage of the light!

We had a stunning dinner and rounded it off with  starting the Harry Potter Saga.  

Saturday – was a day filled of family. Hubby headed to B&HA for a football match and I headed for lunch with my sister and mum. I switched off from the world of blogging and social media and it was pure bliss. 

That evening, we all gathered – in laws and all – to have my favourite take-away….CURRY! It was a lovely evening filled with 2 bottles of Asti and a pretty sore head by bedtime. 

Me and hubby had planned to head on off to London however, we were both feeling under the weather. Despite having a fun day planned, the bus replacement service and runny noses we’re not on our agenda. Coffee, blankets and movies were all we wanted. 

So, aside from the celebrations, what happened on Friday 23rd November?

An apifinany so to speak. I sat on my bed on Friday afternoon and thought of several years before and how I was ecstatic to be 21.

How on earth was that already 4 years ago!!! 

So much has changed for me in the last 4 years. I completed and graduated from university. Started and left 3 jobs, finally settling into one I enjoy. Dated, moved in with and married a boy. And in between all that, in general enjoyed my early 20s. 

Now as I sit on top of the hill, looking back on my early 20s and towards my late ones, I have been seriously thinking of everything I have achieved in the last 5 years, and what I want to in the next. 

I no way have all the answers, and in some ways I never imagined I would be this far in some respects, and very much at the starting block in other respects. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, I feel like in some small way I am slowly becoming the adult me. I appreciate the time I have with family, the things I have around me and I know I need to be a little kinder on myself. 

So many times I grill myself for not achieving some things my parents had at my age, and harshly criticise myself for past decisions. I doubt my git instinctive and the ability to do better. I also question way too much on when I will grow up. 

I love my independence, the ability to do what I want, spend my money how I like and not really have too much to worry about. 

All in all, without getting too deep and boring you all half to death, I am just embracing my years. Embracing my time and enjoying it how I see fit. 24 was a banging age and again, I achieved so much. Here’s to 25 Charlotte, and everything she is going to achieve. 

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