2018 : A year in images

What a year! 2018 was a cracking year with so many achievements, happiness and life long experiences. On a personal level, it’s the best year of my life. 

I travelled the world, more than I have in a while. Experienced new places, met new people, pushed myself professionally and made life changing commitments. 

It was the year I got married, had dinner with King Henry, explored Asia, spent Christmas in New York and visited events as a Blogger.

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I’ve earnt the most out of my blog EVER, worked with amazing brands, met motivating, empowering women and felt like I am finally being myself in the digital world. 

There have been some low points, with achievements not being met, and sometimes feeling like I’m perhaps not doing enough.

Aside from all of that, I managed to have the best year yet. So, here’s my 2018 in images. Please do remember, that most of us only ever capture the good time ( I most certainly do) and those low points I speak of feature no where in any of these images.

Feeling the love

Yes, it was the year of love. From friends, family and now my husband. 2018 is the year I felt so much love from all of these people. Celebrating with me at my hen weekend in London, bridal shower in May and then at our wedding in July.

It still astonishes me the money others spent to celebrate with me over a weekend in london, the effort guests went to attend our wedding and the generosity we felt from loved ones throughout the whole process.

Despite all the stress from planning a wedding, the best feeling was felt when I walked down the aisle and saw everyone I loved there to watch us commit to one and other!

Travelling the world

With planning a wedding comes expense. And I mean expense. Unfortunatly for us, it meant for 2 years we didn’t get to travel around all that much, if not at all. Although, in the final 5 months of 2018 we managed to see some pretty cracking sights.

Our honeymoon took us to Asia, which isn’t somewhere I have ever been before. Koh Samui suited our need for some sea, beach and sunshine. Honestly, it was a stunning place to be, especially to celebrate being Husband and Wife. We then headed onto Singapore where we managed to explore a city like no other.

Shortly after arriving home, we had the pure travel bug and booked the holiday we had dreamed off. 5 Days away in New York City, arriving back on Christmas Eve.

It was truly the most festive place to be, and we had the best time enjoying the city and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Growing professionally and personally

2018 has all been about experience, especially professionally. There is no denying my 9-5 day job isn’t exactly what I had in mind, although, it gives me the passion and drive when I come home to achieve on my blog.

I truly feel in 2018 my photography has grown considerably. It could always be better, however, I have started to take true pride and time on what I am taking. Even when we were travelling, I was on the lookout and keen to take real opportunity whilst I could.

I have also managed to attend a blogging event or two! I had always been to far away or tied up with work before to attend anything, but this year I have been going out of my way to attend and show my face where possible.

There are so many other things I could mention and note on when it comes to 2018. It truly has been a blessed year and one I will never forget. I always try to do better the following year and I do wonder how I will top this one! 

I have so many resolutions this year, including lots of blogging aims and targets. You can check them out here.

Have you posted your year in images?

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