5 Blogging New Years Resolutions

Whilst we have all been running around like headless chickens to get Christmas prepared, we can tend to forget there’s just a couple of weeks left of the year too!

It’s around about now we do all start thinking of the new year, what it may have to hold for us and what we should aim to achieve. Or better, the habits we should be kicking – ayy! 

I used to be very particular on what I wanted to achieve every year, but recently my mind set has changed. Having goals and targets is all good, but for me, New year resolutions are more about changing habits rather than reaching peak numbers, stats or achievements. 

Call me crazy, but mental health for me can get pretty frantic when I don’t feel like I am achieving, especially when I have targeted myself to a particular goal, rather than a idea. Make sense? 

So why are you setting resolutions Charlotte?

There is always a good reason to set yourself targets, it’s just knowing what’s achievable for you. This year, I am setting myself new mindsets and habits, rather than outright goals. 

I wanted to achieve 3000 Instagram followers in 2018 and since I’m still a great deal off, I could and have felt like a failure for it. What I should have set myself is a new mindset for Instagram that in the long run would get me that goal – like posting every day! 

Bearing that in mind, I have set myself manyyyy new mindsets for 2019 and these are just the first 5 I want to adopt for my blog and the whole of 2019. 


2018 saw the start of a new aspect of Instagram that I am ever so happy about.

Youtube for me is’t something I have been involved within. I started for one whole upload and stopped. It was hard to compete with expensive technology and great content. IGTV allowed those with an already established audience to share more long-form content (like videos) to that already there audience. 

2019 I vow to use it. I’m not setting myself on a figure of videos, but I do aim to produce and publish some content to share on there. 

Be more active on social media

I am endlessly scrolling through social media, I am aware of that, but I have most defiantly become a spectator. I often like, but not comment, watch but not feedback and read and leave. 

In 2019, I would love to become more active, responding to comments and leaving my own thoughts and views where possible. Even feeding back on something I love with a quick comment. 

Create a content plan for all of my platforms 

Spoiler : This is something I started a week or so ago, but I want to utilise it, plan on it and reflect on it where possible. I have many avenues I have started with my blog ( Newsletter and podcast ) and I haven’t been utilising it when I could. 

I want to, in 2019, plan to use it and structure my content through the use of a content plan. I want to actually use those little avenues I’ve already started and possibly create it as a steady content flow besides my blog and instagram.

Show abit more of my face

I have always been a little shy sharing my face on social media. I tend to over analyse and compare myself physically ( doesn’t everyone? ) so I steer clear. Although, I have worked with some fabulous brands over the last couple of months and my stats suggest I get better engagement from images featuring me in them.

With the aim of expanding in 2019, I vow to work on my confidence and put myself out there. I have started to be more consious on the content I am creating and show the true side of me, without the thrills. I will be posting more content with me within it, and storying as much as possible, even if it’s the mundane boring side of my life.

Be true to myself

It’s pretty easy to slip into a persona, especially within the online world. And whilst I haven’t quiet done that myself, there have been times I have been shy to share my true self. Whether that be my voice on an opinion, or whether I am shying away from the camera.

In 2019, I want to be a little more raw. Let you guys in and see the true me. When I am sharing the content I want, showcasing the true me, I feel much happier with my space that I have created and I want that to be true throughout 2019.

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