5 Day trips to make this Christmas Period

In the UK we are sooo lucky to be close to some gorgeous European destinations. So close in fact, we could even make the trip just for a day!

Christmas is the perfect time to up sticks and take a day out from the UK. Taking a trip via boat, plane or even train, there are plenty of destinations to enjoy in the spirit of Christmas. Literally, so many destinations to be seen this Christmas period and all in 24 hours.

So, if you’re up for a little adventure and a lil tour of Europe one day this Christmas period, here’s 5 places you can visit and thoroughly enjoy!

Paris / Disneyland

Is there anywhere more magical than Disneyland. If the hue of Disney doesn’t appeal to you, there is always Paris. A gorgeous city and within touching distance of the UK. Grab a Eurostar or even a ferry on over to France and make a day of it in the nations capital.


It’s not somewhere I have been myself, however there are many reasons to head that way this Christmas. Markets, festive lights and of course the chill of Winter make Brugge a perfect one day pit stop location this festive season. With coach or train transport available, Brugge is a perfect place to explore this year! Even if it is for some post Christmas shopping!


Alright, there may be somewhere *more* magical than Disneyland. Whilst it may be a little more expensive, Lapland is literally the most magical place to visit during Christmas. The snow, lack of light and of course the hunt for Father Christmas makes this the perfect Day trip location. Of course, a couple of days here would be ideal, but what’s the point when you can do it all in one day!


Again, not somewhere I have had the pleasure of visiting, but always wanted to in the cold air of Winter. It’s a city with plenty of culture, so a quick pop over for a day would make a lovely change from the UK. What’s even better is their own winter ‘wonderland’, named winter funderland, which has it’s very own roller coaster and circus! Flights available at again reasonable prices and again just hour away! 


I have always wanted to visit the gorgeous Amsterdam and when better than at Christmas time. It’s easy to get to Amsterdam with euro-tunnel and flights running daily from London. With so much to do, and the whole city to explore, a day in Amsterdam will be packed with adventure. It really is the perfect place to visit during Christmas. 

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to jump away, even for a day, and experience some where new. The Christmas lull, as I call it ( 27th – 30th December) cries out for something to do to keep the Christmas momentum flowing. Heading to any of these quick pit stops will surely keep you in the festive spirit. 

Are you heading anywhere for the day after Christmas? 

Anywhere missing from my list? 

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.