Ease the tensions – 5 Things you need when decorating for Christmas

Ease the tensions – 5 Things you need when decorating for Christmas

The 1st of December is finally here. Christmas really is coming and if you haven’t already, you will certainly be popping up that tree this weekend. I gave you an almighty post packed with Christmas decorations galore and now you truly are prepped for the Christmas Decoration assembly. 

Psst here’s that Christmas decor post if you’re still shopping around. 

Now, Christmas decorating can get a little tense to say the least. Who’s going to decorate the tree? Why are the lights not working, they were last year! URGHHH this is soooo stressful! 

There’s always arguments and death stares between families and couples when the Christmas decorations re-emerge. 

But we all know the end result is worth it – the tree looks so pretty, even if my face is covered in glitter!

But, you still need to ease tensions all the whilst the operation is in process right? So, here’s 5 things you need to ease the tension and hopefully make the whole process a little more festive. 

This playlist

Thank me later. This is the ULTIMATE Christmas playlist containing all cheese, classic and even film scores that will give you and everyone that listens to it the festive buzz!

Festive Treats

Choccy, mince pies or festive flavoured crisps. Whatever it be, crack them open. They can certainly help when things are taking too long because you had to completely untangle all 300 lights. Who put them away last year? 

A movie or two? 

Lucky you, I also posted this nifty post for 31 Christmas movies. There’s plenty of Christmas movies to choose from, so why not stick one on whilst being merry and decorating your home? 

Light a candle

Get the cinnamon scented candles lit and everything will be alright. Festivity is in the detail and that means with scent too. Light a candle or two before decorating and in no time your home will feel festive rather than tense ay! 


And by bubbles I mean some wine or Prosecco. Grab a bottle and start pouring. We are already in the celebrating season after all, so why not start when the deccy’s go up!