Give the gift of Sport this Christmas*

Sport, it’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? We tend to get really rather passionate over it, well involved within it and we spend lots of time enjoying it. What’s even better is when you get to see it first hand. Unfortunately, not many of us get to see or enjoy a sport first hand.

I for one am not a hugeeee fan of sport. I’ve dipped in and out of motorsport, avoid football at all costs and probably enjoy basketball above all else. Although, whatever the sport, the experience and atmosphere isn’t something that can be felt through a tv screen, and I do rather enjoy that! That’s why, after experiencing some of it first hand,  a gift of live sport is the ultimate gift this Christmas. With Keith Prowse offering hospitality to British sport including 6 Nations Hospitality, it’s never been easier to grab a sporting gift this Christmas.

What Sport have I been to see?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I and the hubby were lucky enough to enjoy a good old game of Rugby. I do have a soft spot for rugby, despite not being that huge sport fan. It’s tough, passionate without having the aggressiveness of football fanatics and it makes for good viewing.

We visited Twickenham and took our set behind goal. I have been to a fair few live sport games (very lucky I know), but this was the first Rugby game I have been to. Being England vs South Africa, it was a lively and cracking game.

The atmosphere from a live match, the grounds and the complete day surrounding the match was once in a life time. Even someone like me had a fantastic day out.

Besides the random trip to Twickenham to watch rugby, I have been to football games and soon to be watching a Basketball game in NYC. Watching a sport LIVE isn’t something that can be replicated. The atmosphere and the passion is second to none. So, if you’re struggling on what to get your pappa or other half, consider those live matches. Look into hospitality. It can be found at most sporting events including football, rugby, cricket, motor sport and more!

Have you ever been to a live sporting event? Considered giving tickets to one as a gift? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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*This is a collaborative piece. All opinions are my own