National Trust Explore – Wakehurst in Winter

This would be a great starting point – this is no means an ad! I have not been approached by the national trust to share their places. Quite the opposite actually. I was kindly gifted, along with my husband, to a yearly membership to National Trust this Christmas!!

I’m sure many won’t be offended if I say this is the best Christmas present we received this year! We love exploring, getting out and visiting new places and since our very short stint of local national trust sites last year, we have been desperate to explore more! This prezzie was well received!

Just this week we thought we would try out our new card and visited the much loved site – Wakehurst Place. Again, this is somewhere we popped to last summer and we were pretty excited to return, enjoy the winter sights and bring along some visitors too!

Winter is such a glorious season, and whilst it can seem a pretty bleak time to visit a garden or grounds alike, I find it oddly relaxing and calming.

The grounds were beautiful. There were remanants of autumn, and there was a fog over the acres of garden.

Wakehurst has an array of gardens to explore, we spent over 3 hours walking and experiencing all it has to offer!

This time around, we ventured into the house and was greeted by some gorgeous festivity. The house is free to walk around and has gorgeous wooden panels and grand doors. It was the perfect environment for a glorious Christmas tree and a velevt chair fit for Santa Clause himself.

This is a pretty short and sweet tale of our trip to Wakehurst place. As mentioned, it is somewhere we have been before and a place I have blogged too! It was the perfect re-introduction to National Trust, ahead of our 2019 exploring!

Have you ever been to Wakehurst place?

Have any ideas of what National Trust sites we should visit next?

As always, leave your thoughts and comments below!