The Peter’s Christmas

Yes, the tree is up, the decorations are scattered, and there is endless amounts of glitter clinging to every part of my home! Christmas is here! Since I do love a good Christmas decoration post, filled with ample photos, here’s a quick look into how I have overhauled my home in time for the festive season! 

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The Tree 

I took great pride in my tree this year. The last couple of years we have just stuck to gold and a touch of copper. This year, I wanted to add a little more colour and started to incorporate Greens and reds into the tree.

We have been so lucky to have been gifted a gorgeous tree and some stunning gold decorations. Finding pieces that honoured the deccys we already have was harder than thought. 

I always try to look at the latest trends too and keep my tree with tradition but with a modern twist. This year I incorporated the traditional colours, with a splash of woodland, which is on trend this Christmas.

Pine cones and a couple of token rustic raindeers incorporate the woodland theme within my tree this year.

Throughout the home

Our apartment is a little on the cosy side, and whilst I would love to have another tree, I really would risk our apartment becoming and feeling like a grotto.

Once again the woodland theme runs throughout with garlands and even handmade wooden raindeers. I like to include token wooden decorations throughout the home, to give it a touch of festivity.

What decorations do you have in your home? Are you looking for the latest Christmas trends? Festive lights have released a fantastic guide on the latest Christmas trends for 2018. Give the full guide a read just here.

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