Pampering my skin with Tropic Skincare*

Skincare is something we all either follow religiously or forget all together and unfortunately, I am the latter. Despite being told on the regular that a skincare routine is vital, I am still a lazy sausage when it comes to applying moisturiser and generally taking care of my skin. 

Bearing in mind I don’t really follow a routine, I was really rather eager to find and use a skincare brand that worked well with me and did the job – ofcourse! 

Tropic Skincare isn’t a brand I had some across before, so when I was approached to try some of their products I was hoping they would transform my skincare routine. They are Animal Cruelty Free, contain all natural ingredients and are Vegan friendly and are certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I was so impressed with all these features, I just hoped their products stood up. 

I was kindly gifted a range of Body butter ‘whips’ and a selection of beautifully fragrant bath foams. Being a true lover of baths, especially in the winter, I was thrilled to try something that could help me relax and soften my skin. 

Mini Whipped Body Velvet collection

The body butter whips, again beautiful in fragrance, help retain moisture and feel absolutely amazing on your skin.  They help nourish and repair skin, whilst softening skin too.  

There were a range of scents, including Pomelo, Passion Fruit and Coconut. All 3 are packed with fantastic ingredients that help create a buttery texture, delicious scent and deliver anti-ageing, repairing properties. 

This stunning collection is just £28.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

Luxury Bath Foam Collection 

As mentioned, I am a hugeeeee bath lover. The cold winter nights make the perfect setting for a long, warm soak in a bath. 

Of course, teamed with Netflix and some candles, it makes the perfect time to unwind, relax and even nourish your skin.

Thankfully, Tropic skincare bath foams do just that. They describe it as a soothing blanket and honestly, they’re spot on. These gorgeous bath foams create a bath that softens your skin from the moment you dip a toe in. 

Packed with natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera and coconut, these foams will help soothe, nourish and cleanse skin. 

Once again, they came in 3 sumptuous scents including Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut, Passion Fruit and Ginger Lily, and Monoi and Orange Flower.

This must have collection is just £22.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

So how did I get on?

You better believe it lived up to my expectations. These products have become a firm favourite. The Bath foams and Body whips work so well together. The scents alone make them irresistible. They sit rather comfortably on my bath shelf and even my hubby reaches for them! 

How do you get yourself some goodies?

To get yourself some of their gorgeous skincare products, be sure to use a Tropic Ambassador like Amy. She can direct and help you choose gorgeous products for your every day needs. Tropic Skincare have a stunning overall range including Skincare, Bath and Body, Make-up and Hair care! 

Amy can even offer you some discount! The easiest way to grab some Tropic Skincare goodies is to join and shop via Amy’s Facebook group! Here you can discuss new and upcoming products, as well as exclusive discounts! 

I can’t wait to try some more products and share with you some more goodies! 

Have you ever tried Tropic Skincare? 

*This post is a collaborative piece. These items were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own