2019 : My Year

HELLO 2019 — Happy New Year!!! I start my first post of 2019 ( whatttttt ), with a very quick thank you! Whether you have followed me for numerous years, or become a new, friendly face, thank you for sticking by. I won’t ramble on, but last year saw me really push my passion. I love this space, growing it and grabbing more attention ( where possible ). We all know how tough it can get, especially when we just want our hard work and vision to be shared and experienced with others. Alas, I will be pushing harder, stronger and frequently throughout 2019, so be prepared. Butttt, before I start cracking on with the new year, let’s de-brief on 2018 shall we?

Well, 2018 was a pretty banging year to say the least! I achieved so much, had some life changing events and grew as a women personally and professionally.

As mentioned, it was the year, like a full year, where I pushed my passion as much as I could. I reached out, strove for better and expanded where possible. I lost a little steam, but since having 2 weeks break( Charlotte, you lazy cow, how dare you take some time off! ), I have returned with a spring in my step and ready to tackle the blogging world and make it my own.

Stepping back and having looked over 2018, I am stunned we are looking at another year already. They do say, when you have lots planned and to look forward to, you begin to wish the years away.

And often I wonder, how in hell are we going to top 2018? 

So what’s in store for me, and what do I plan to do in 2019?

Professionally speaking of course, there are lots of ideas buzzing around. There have been several avenues that I brainstormed, and didn’t quiet deliver last year. I launched a very swift newsletter, and never really found time to let it flourish. Much to the same pattern, I started a podcast, recorded several episodes and struggled to get them live.

2019 will be the year that I do hone in on those couple of other avenues, aside from my blog and Instagram profile. I also hope to explore other media forms too, including IGTV.

It’s something I wanted to do last year, but with a wedding, and the other two forms of media, I was a little bit too busy.

So hang around for the journey. You’ve made it this far and hey, it’s just the beginning. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I will be including some pretty nifty hints and tips to some of the blogging world, as well as the password to some of my protected posts ( the really valuable blogging ones ).

My podcast, Millennial conversations, will be re-appearing within the next couple of weeks, once again covering all topics relevant to we millennial’s.

Have something you wanna suggest or say? Be sure to leave me your comments and thoughts below. I love reading every single one.

Thanks once again for continuing to support me on this journey and sticking by. Here’s to the next 12 months and making this year, the year!