Battling the winter blues : Finding sunshine

January. The month that seems to last foreverrrrr and a miserable one at best. Back into the swing of work and no festivities to really look forward to. Where did Christmas go?
All the whilst, summer seems so far away!
That’s why, it’s the perfect time to get away and find some long lost sunshine!

Not sure where to head for good weather? Don’t panic, I have it all figured out.

Ps. I also have some perfect weekend getaways way down the bottom, just encase your budget can’t get you some sunshine.

The Caribbean

This is the perfect time to go and visit some gorgeous Caribbean islands. The weather is glorious and there won’t be a cloud in the sky. Book now, and you can get some stonking deals for Barbados & St Lucia.

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I love Thailand and I didn’t even visit peak season. With so much to offer, Thailand really is the perfect place to grab some winter sun and some culture. With islands like Koh Samui and Krabi, as well as Bangkok, it could be the perfect destination for both sands and city.

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Australia / New Zeland

If you are happy to travel, than consider Australia! Considering it’s their hottest time of the year, our winter is the perfect time to take a vaccay and enjoy the vast country. With some many bustling cities, and of course gorgeous beaches, you could spend majority of our winter soaking up their summer sunshine!

Budget can’t take you that far?

Have no fear, there are still plenty of places to head this winter. Whilst it may not give you some much needed sunshine, it will give you a break from home for just a little while. Here’s some ideas to get your mind wandering.


I adore Paris, and whilst it may be a city, it’s one you can take it easy in and enjoy. With lots to see, you won’t get bored and will make the perfect winter break following Christmas. I will warn you, it’s not an all relaxing kinda trip though!