The signs of relationship manipulation

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Relationships can be hard work, and let’s be honest there’s little chance of a perfect relationship as we’re all bound to get annoyed, frustrated and upset at some things. But there are certain behaviors and actions you shouldn’t stand for in a relationship, and manipulation is definitely one!

If there is anything that we keep eyes out for in 2019, it’s keeping eyes and ears peeled for unhealthy behaviours like relationship manipulation.
knowing these signs could be essential for helping a loved one to understand that the relationship they’re in isn’t particularly healthy.

What might seem small and insignificant could one day turn into something more sinister, so it’s important that you’re aware of these behaviours and you protect yourself from them from the get-go.

So, in this very important and note worthy post, I’ve collated five tell tell signs that your partner is manipulative.

You always have to be there for them

Of course it’s important that you’re there for your partner when they need it, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly on call. It means they’re taking advantage of your good nature. If you feel like you’re forced to drop your life to accommodate theirs then it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.

It’s important that you remember you’re in a relationship and it’s not a job, your partner should be your equal and not your boss.


Gaslighting might seem like an unusual term, but it can be something that’s really easy for a partner to do. Gaslighting is when self-doubt and confusion are created in someone, as this allows them to control and manipulate them.

An example of this could be a partner doing something that upsets you, and then denies they did it/ They could call you ‘crazy’ for thinking that they did such a thing. They’re gaslighting you into believing that you’re the problem. They could let you think that you’re the one who’s making up drama and causing problems in the relationship.

You are being undermined

A healthy relationship can include lots of banter, and making fun of each other. But when you’re constantly the butt of every joke it can wear very, very thin.

If your partner consistently mocks you, and then undermines you whilst you’re out in public, it could be that they’re trying to manipulate your self-esteem and make you feel worthless.

This may escalate in the future where they try to increase in their control over you.

They never take ownership when it’s their fault

A healthy relationship doesn’t mean you’re perfect through every part, but it does mean that you take ownership when you’ve done wrong. However, if your partner is trying to manipulate you they’ll place the blame somewhere else, and try to even put it back onto you.

It can be an easy one to fall victim to, but it’s important that you stand your ground when you know you’re not in the wrong.

They let you down over and over

This doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the relationship five weeks or five years. It’s important to know where you stand in the relationship, and if you feel like they’re constantly letting you down with their behaviour then it’s time to evaluate the relationship. They could be letting you down with commitment, or they’re not being truthful, these could all be signs of manipulation and mind games. It’s important you know where you stand and how committed they are to your relationship.

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