Why your business needs to be using Pinterest

Pinterest is the online’s answer to scrap booking. From easy to follow recipes, to inspiration to a new bedroom colour scheme, Pinterest is the visual social media platform that can create huge opportunity for you as a business.

The bare bones of Pinterest

Essentially, Pinterest is a platform in which the user can create ‘boards’ of ideas and inspirations. Every idea is represented as a ‘pin’. ‘Pins’ are typically images which can have links back to the original source of information or image – your website!

This, in essence is why Pinterest is sooo good for businesses. It can drive traffic to your site, where they are most likely to buy the product they had been searching for within Pinterest.

There is a huge audience to be found on Pinterest which could offer huge results on sales and brand awareness for your business.

Want to know more? Here’s why you should be pinning as a business!

An Audience that want to buy

Typically, Pinterest is there to advise and direct the user to content. With an array of ‘categories’ on Pinterest ( arts, crafts, fashion, home DIY, decor inspo, wedding inspo, hints and tips, health advice and so much more ), there is a hub of consumers that are just waiting for your content and products to be saved to their board!

Recent research has suggested that more than 80% of Pinterest users have gone on to buy a product because of the site!

My advice : Get on Pinterest and create content that can be published readily. Include links to helpful blog posts and images that show off your products.

Gain more web traffic

Pinterest is there to push consumers to the end product…the website to buy. All pins have a web link included. Users can then find the source of the image via the link attached to the pin.

Using Pinterest effectively can drive consumers to your website and purchase, via the link included within your pins.

My advice : Create Rich pins that will entice and engage with consumers. Encourage them to click through to your product and let your website do the rest.

Want to get started on Pinterest for your business? Get in touch. I can create a business profile and regularly and successfully create rich pins that will attract prospect customers and direct them to your website and products. Click below and let’s get chatting.


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