You’ve been doing what on Pinterest?

Disclosure : I do not have hundreds of thousands of pinterest followers, unique views or millions of re-directs. I have 200 odd followers and a average of 10k unique visitors monthly. I receive on average 35% traffic to my blog from pinterest alone. Not sure when this started happening, but here’s what I’ve been focusing on and doing!

We all know how vital Pinterest can play in directing new and eager readers to our site right? It’s pretty much the mother hen in re-directions and can literally blast your views, visitors and page hits out the water!

So, what makes good, pinnable content?

Truth is, all content makes good pins, if you know how. Pinterest is all about the imagery. If it looks good, others will pin it, save it, and explore the content within in ( ergo, your blog — winner winner! ).

Through the years, I have made the images within my posts the pinnable images and whilst it made my posts look ugly, it made it bloody easier when inputting and sharing on Pinterest.

However, I’m now and trying to undo lazy Charlotte’s work, and create a more streamlined, pretty blog. So what images do I pin and how do I get those pinnable images over to Pinterest? I make double, triple, even quadruple of everything! I have the images that I include within my posts, and then I turn them into graphics that can be shared across pinterest. And I don’t just create one, oh no, I create 3 – 4 different variations.

For my ‘going to New York trip’ I created three variations. I really wanted to a) include enticing imagery and b) get the feel of the post without having to put too much on the page. The red colours really play into the Christmas festivity, and the imagery showcases it as a travel post.

In these pinterest images, I try to keep them similar but different all at the same time. There are so many images on pinterest and most of us, like all other social media, will only engage with those visually appealing ones. I have been taking more pride in the content I am producing within pinterest.

So what do you use?

There are so many things you can use to create pinterest content, but the easiest is Canva! They even have templates you can edit, modify and truly make your own. It’s free to use and it’s a programme I use to create many of my blog content, including my logo!

Creating pinterest content, aside from that blog content can be time consuming, so here’s a couple of tips that I stand by, in making sure pinterest becomes part of your routine!

Schedule – I didn’t get on with some scheduling resources, but have stumbled back on tailwind. Creating content and scheduling it can do wonders whilst offline.

Create the imagery whilst drafting the post – I was finding, and still am, that if not creating the pinnable image whilst the post is drafted, I was only getting round to it weeks after the post went live. It’s best to do both in sync, so creating the content before it’s live is the best option.

Be engaging on Pinterest – and with engaging comes pinning. Pin as and when you can, creating boards for different interests and likes. I have many boards that include wedding snaps, holiday locations, outfit lusts and home interior inspirations. I even have a board for lifestyle blog posts, including my own, that I like to read. I basically use pinterest as a huge bookmarking tool for some great worldwide content and imagery!

Share your pins on your blog – This is something I have been doing recently and I have been astonished with the stats. Many blog themes include the ability to show some of your latest pins and this can draw your readers to your profile and follow! They probably don’t even know you’re on there every day pinning away! Of course, this helps later with overall stats and click throughs on Pinterest itself.

Pin your Instagram images – This is something sooo many are doing and again I am too. Those insta images you work hard to create look just as good on Pinterest, so share them! Pinners may not be directed to your blog, but they will be directed to your banging insta feed!!

I have put together just some of the things you can do on Pinterest to gather more engagement and in turn more traffic towards your blog. If you haven’t already started to work on your Pinterest content, why not make 2019 the year you do!

Do you currently do any of the above on your pinterest?

Have some tips everyone should know? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!