5 Quick Dinners to make this Valentines Day

Valentines day is TOMORROW and many of us would agree that going out, mid-week isn’t the most appealing activity. Been hard at work girl! So, many of us will be lingering in the kitchen wondering on what to cook.

You really don’t want to be spending your entire romantic evening slogging over a stove, so I’ve grabbed some real quick, easy and diet friendly dinners that you can cook this Valentines Day!

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Cod & Chorizo Stew

Fancy something on the fishy side? Well this is a perfectttt meal to cook. The combination of cod and chorizo is pretty tasty, and even someone who isn’t a huge fish lover ( like me ) will enjoy this one!

In just 27 mins, you and your valentine will be wining and dining in little to no time!

Complete your V-Day meal with a super speedy Strawberry cheesecake!


Vegetarian Chili

This is the easiest chili you will make and it has 4 of your 5 a day too1 In just 32 minutes you’ll have a Valentines Day worthy meal suiting both Vegetarians and vegans alike!

This is perfect if you really don’t want to be cooking this V-Day!

Finish off your lazy meal with a quick mug cake.


All American T-Bone

Meat lovers, rejoice at a good old steak this Valentines Day! It’s quick and tasty and is the perfect meal to surprise and wow your Valentine this year.

Whether you are a peppercorn sauce kinda gal, with chunky chips and a beef tomato or not, make a steak the staple meat piece in your Valentines Dinner.

Complete your romantic dinner with some gorgeous sticky cinnamon figs!


Vegan Ramen

Need something warming, tasty and of course vegan? Oh, and want it in just 25 minutes? I have justttt the meal. The vegan ramen is certainly packing some flavor and is a super easy meal to make this Valentines Day!

End on a high with super easy, Vegan meringues.


Thai Green Curry

Saving the pennies but want a take-away dinner tonight? Grab the cooking utensils and make this quick Thai Green Curry! This is one that will surely impress your Valentines and only takes 30minutes! Packing a punch and super creamy, this is a must try this year!

Finish off with a delicious, gluten free Chocolate ganache & salted caramel brittle desert!

What will you be creating in the kitchen this Valentines Day? Hopefully I have inspired you to get creative this year! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!