Being a mature student – What to consider.

We all struggled at school, one way or another. It may have been making friends, or curbing the chit chat during class. It may have just been the motivation to knuckle down and get on with your work. Despite it being the easiest days of our lives ( darn you mum for being so right ), we all hated the idea of school and couldn’t wait for obligated education to end.

And yet, when it’s all said and done, we all wish we had payed a little more attention to maths class, or attended that lecture that would have helped with your dissertation.

We all have regrets with our education, me included.

Choosing your oath during education is a minefield. Honestly, we were all pretty young when we had to make pretty life changing decisions like our GCSE Options or what University we wanted to study at when we were just 18.

If you we had our time again, we would all make very different choices I am sure.

But, you really can make different choices now! You may think you’ve missed the boat but you haven’t! There are plenty of opportunities and options for those wanting to return to education, and I have it all here for you to consider!

What and where do you want to study?

So you’re considering a return to education. GOOD FOR YOU! Education can transform your prospects, or just give you something to strive and focus on.

First thing to consider is your current education status. To enter university, you need A-Levels, or equivalent to a certain grade. If you don’t have these just yet, you’ll want to consider college or private sixth form colleges.

Knowing what level of education to gain is one thing, knowing what you want to study is another. Maybe you want to scrub up on your basic maths skill, or gain a whole new skill altogether ( like beauty, electrical or other ). All of these can be obtained at college over a year or two.

Tip : Really think about what you want to do with your new found education once you have it and work yourself back.

Can your current lifestyle work around your studying.

Being a mature, or returning student has lots of considerations, including your already established lifestyle. And no, i’m not just referring to your social life.

It’s a huge deliberation going back to education and can have a huge impact on your life. Full time courses will cost money and will impact your current ability to work alongside. Really consider whether you can afford the impact of reducing your working hours and the income you can achieve.

With education, is all about the effort and sacrifices you make in the short term, for the long term gain.

If I had my time again, I would totally change my actions during further education. I lost my way towards the end and would, if I could, go back and study again.

If you have the chance and ability, attending education can hugely impact your later prospects. Do it if you can!

Would you go back to education if you could? Do you have any advice for anyone looking to go? As always, share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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