Bodiam Castle – National Trust

Didn’t we have just the perfect weekend, weather wise, just at the end of February! It was gorgeous sunshine, light breeze and warmish! I would say it was the perfect winter weather!

And we took full advantage of the stunning weather by heading to our next National Trust Site – Bodiam Castle.

It’s somewhere I had been before, albeit years ago, and not one I had remembered. So with the weather in tow, we headed for a early Saturday stroll.

Bodiam Castle

If you have ever been to the area of Bodiam, you will completely understand when I say, it arrives out of nowhere. Just a 40 min or so drive from our home, the picturesque valley as I would describe it flaunts village life. With a steam train station, the river Rother and a quaint little pub called the Castle Inn, it’s quintessentially English!

Entry :
Adult = £9.80 Child = £4.90
Parking :
Time to wander round : 2-3hours

There is rather a lot to explore within the castle itself. The grounds don’t have too much to offer, but the castle certainly makes up for it.

The 600 year old abode used to home 44 apartments, and now is nothing but a couple of remaining turrets and the outer shell. However, there is lots to be found in depths of the castle and the remaining ruins of the castle give you a great indication of medieval life.

It’s often depicted as a romantic castle, and from the images you can snap in and around the castle, you can understand why! With far reaching views from the top of the tower, to the gorgeous moat filled with carp, there is so much to enjoy at Bodiam Castle.

Note : The spiral stairs are something to be marveled at! The narrow steps and steep incline made it a little tricky for some, but well worth the achy thighs for that stunning view!

As always, our trip to yet another National Trust site didn’t disappoint and was utterly perfect for the first flurry of proper sunshine. Where will we be heading next? Only time will tell!

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