Date Ideas for V-Day

It’s the week before the day of LOVE, or Valentines Day if you’re a little confuzzled. Prior warning, I have LOTS of content on it’s way to surprise and dazzle your partner this Valentines Day, so stay tuned! Whilst many of us like to think Valentines day will come and go quickly, my husband included, you cannot get away or stop yourself getting swept up in the magic of declaring your love!

So what have you got planned for V-Day?

If your answer is ‘not sure yet‘ or ‘probs the same as last year‘, then stick around, I have some super cute plans that you can arrange for v-day itself or the weekend after for a cute AF V-Day weekend!


It may not be the best weather for a picnic, but who said it had to be outdoors? My now husband planned a super cute picnic in our newly bought first home a couple of valentines day’s ago. We had a blanket, lots of food and drink and we just enjoyed each others company whilst eating tasty food.

Take your significant other on a indoor or outdoor picnic for little expenditure and they will surely be overwhelmed by the thought!

Day Out

Fancy taking the day off work and spend quality time together? Explore local sights, visit the capital or just go and experience something you never have before.

There are lots of day out activities to be shared, including some cute and rather romantic ones too.

Chocolate making, wine tasting, go karting or paint balling. Whether for him or her, there are plenty of days out that would be a perfect V-Day date!

A home cooked meal

Are they the usual cook, who often moans when they have to slog it in the kitchen ?

Take the pressure off them for one night only and cook an indulgent, but simple home meal.

Whether it be a steak plate, hand crafted burger or typically romantic spag bowl, there are lots of simple and quick dinners to make this Valentines Day!

And no, you needn’t be a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen to pull them off!

If you need some ideas on what to cook, I have you covered in this post.

Take away and Binge Night

Neither feel like cooking? Take away it is!

Order in with little hassle and binge on a series you’ve been meaning to catch, or enjoy a movie saga you haven’t in a while.

Whatever you’re watching, enjoy with no cooking and some much needed downtime, together!

Pamper night in, accompanied by a film

Run a bath bursting with bubbles. Grab a couple of face masks. And of course light a load of candles. Truly indulge and relax in the comfort of your own home, and finish off the evening with a film.

This is the perfect date night activity if you both have busy work lives and mid-week activities that mean a mid week V-Day celebration needs to be as chilled as possible.

If you really wanna slog it, order in a pizza too and no one has to do too much work!

If you need some movie or telly ideas, catch what I have been watching here.

Make a weekend of it!

Why not use V-Day as the perfect excuse to go away.

Stick to this country and enjoy the countryside, rural Britain or a bustling city.

Escape to a cottage or lush it up in a swanky hotel. Whatever escape you choose, your date will be buzzing to get away from home and enjoy some away time with you.

Perfect locations include Peak District, Lake District and Stratford Upon Avon.

Of course, there’s plenty more, but a dreamy hotel in these locations look sooo romantic!

What do you have planned for Valentines day?

Any last minute tips?