Dear Diary – I started a Podcast

Hi Hello and welcome to the second installment of 2019. I of course mean, welcome to the much anticipated, longingly awaited February. Shamefully this is only my second dear diary post and we are nearing March! oops. It’s been a long one right?
I still find it hard to believe we are edging towards Spring and yet excited to ditch the jumpers and embrace shorter sleeves!

Enough about the weather, in true brit form, I’m here to chat podcasts. My podcast!

Yes, encase you’re not part of my exclusive newsletter blog blast club, or haven’t been involved in some of my other posts, I have my very own podcast.

Millennial Conversations

I challenge some of the perspectives and embrace true millennial views towards life. Essentially, I’m chatting most of the stuff that can be found on my blog in a really informal way and without spell check.

Millennial conversations is everything I want to chat with being a current young being. I cover everything from dieting to mental health, to buying your own property. I tend to have some really in depth conversations with lots of my friends about some of our struggles and often wonder how this would come across in a podcast and whether we are alone in some of our views.

We are not, and whilst my current episodes have no one else but me present, I do have some guests up and coming who share or contradict my view.

So, if you like my blog ( which I hope you do ) then be sure to check in, listen and cast your view over on my podcast. I really want to get some conversations going, and use the space as a talking point.

Fancy being involved?

Want to chat with me? Have a convo you think should be shared across a podcast?


Drop me an email and let’s get recording.

I am on the look out for anyone who wants to guest appear and chat ANYTHING millennial, conversational or even blogger related.

You can find me on my Instagram stories chatting the topic every week, including some of your own answers and opinions on the topic.

And for godsake, listen and leave your comments below!

Listen to Millennial Conversations on Spotify, Apple podcasts and more.