Stop tryna find the one – Do this instead!

Happy Valentines Day! And what a day to celebrate you, the single women! Since everyone seems to be getting all kinda romantic, I thought this post is necessary for those singletons who are FED UP with feeling like they need to be on the hunt for the one.

Speaking from experience, our society makes us believe we can’t be happy unless we are in a committed and loving relationship. And that’s just utter bulls**t.

As a married women, I may come across all hypocritical, but honestly, focusing on anything other than finding someone can be truly empowering. I mean, think of all the things you could accomplish if you stopped trying to find the one. And what about all those things you could be doing and positive impact it can have on finding that soul mate!

So, here’s everything you should be doing, rather than hunting!

Prioritize friends and family

Being a single, independent soul gives you time to enjoy your own company, and others around you. Spend more time with the people you love. Organise a girls night, visit your parents more and hang out with your siblings.

Investing in these relationships will strengthen your support system, and every strong person needs a good one!

Grow personally

This is the perfect time for you to settle, find yourself and grow personally. Really find out what and who you like. Find time to reflect and work on yourself. Allow yourself to love who you are, and work on the bits you want to change.

Get into activities that you always wanted to ( like a Zumba Class ) and go and meet new people. Work on skills and get a hobbie and you will be surprised to what it will do to your confidence and self worth.

Being a confident and independent individual will attract like minded people and that’s just the person you want as the one!

Focus on your health

Working and improving your health doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard work ( you may just start yoga or writing a blog ). You just want to tune into your body and everything it needs, including physical and mental work.

Embrace healthy living and start eating more fruit and veg and getting a little more active. Work on your mental well being with journals, meditation and general time outs.

Boss Babe

Need some confidence? Want to radiate success? Be the boss at work and all that will just shine on through. Focusing on your career and job prospects isn’t only a great distraction, it’s a great way to excel, exceed and push yourself.

A career is something no-one can take away from you, so go get it, before the one gets in the way!

Love springs up on you when you least expect it, so park the idea and just live life for you. Work on yourself and what you want to achieve, and the one will pop round the corner like a perfectly timed bus.