Lighting up your bedroom – How to!

Yasss, I’m going home mad on the blog lately. There are sooo many things to consider when it comes to your home, and lighting is a key one. Many of us overlook it and yet it plays such a huge role in our home and the vibe it carries.

Your bedroom! We spend roughly a third of our lifetime asleep ( yes a bloody third!). So, creating a space that’s comfy and easy to relax in, and can help you sleep better is a must in any home!

And yet we don’t reallyyyy consider some of the decor choices and how these can make, or break the perfect sleeping space! Whilst there is a lot of factors to consider when creating a good sleeping den ( tv’s, colour schemes, bedding ect ) one we all tend to forget or overlook is lighting!

Indoor lighting is especially important in any bedroom. Light plays a dominant role in our sleep cycles, so it’s worth putting some effort into getting it right with the light we create, and block out of our sleeping nook!

So, I have pulled together some MUST THINK points when it comes to lighting up your space.

Have more than one!

Unless your bedroom is particularly small, you’ll need to choose more than one source of light. You could opt for something bold and dramatic, or something calm and cosy; your options are endless. Generally speaking you’ll need to add different layers of lighting, mixing ambient lights with task lights, and perhaps even some accents.

If you don’t want to take up space on your bedside cabinets with a lamp, pendant lights are a great alternative. Normally they’re used as a fancy centerpiece but they can be hung on either side of the bed. They’re ideal if you want to make a stylish statement and a true expression of personality.

On the other hand, if space isn’t really a problem and you have room for a chair, you might want to invest in a tall floor lamp to stand next to it. This would be an ideal spot for you to do some reading before bed.

It’s really worth having more than the bog standard pendant light – think of all the times he will be coming back from the pub and waking you up with the main light!

Not right over!

Don’t install lights directly above the bed – They can feel quite harsh on your eyes when you’re lying down, and a little too much on early morning eyes!

Most bedrooms have the bog standard one pendant light and that’s for good reason. Don’t mess with it and stick standard.

Don’t choose bright – Go soft and subtle

There is nothing worse than having bright lights in a bedroom! Going soft and subtle will help the ambiance in your room and neither be too harsh in the early morning or dead of night!

Use dimmer lights on your main lighting and use softer bulbs in your pendant / bedside lamps.

What lighting do you have in your bedroom? What is your advice when shopping around? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!