Travel in style – How to in 2019

I’m not alone, we are all looking to make this year better than others, right? Whether you are focusing on your career, relationship or just yourself in general, we all deserve a break through the year. Whether your have your holibobs earmarked, or haven’t even considered it, here’s to making it luxe this year.
Don’t think it has to cost you the earth, here’s how to travel in style this year, whatever the budget, where ever you are!

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Go last minute

Most of the time when you are looking to save a little bit of money you would think that booking a trip as early as possible is the best thing you can do. Although it can sometimes be good to book ahead of time, you might actually find a better deal at the last minute.

Being a little late may be a little risky, but often or not you end up finding the most luxurious places to stay, days before, and it can be the best trip you have ever had.

Take the risk – it may just pay off.


Rather than booking a stay in a hotel this year, what about renting a private home. Using companies like Home management services ,there are lots of properties to rent worldwide that will offer you luxe, and all of the comforts you would normally get at home.

It can also be a more cost effective way to spend your holidays and you will have the privacy and room you crave.

Go with a group

We have all looked into booking hotels or lodges with a hot tub at some point or another, but often the places which have a hot tub are far too expensive for us to buy as a couple or alone.

But instead of going alone, get your clan to join too! Make this year the year you do something different with your pals or family and spread the cost between you. You’ll probably find they’d love the company, and the cheaper alternative!

Go Local

Really watching the pennies but want to get out of your place? Look a little closer to home.

Spending just a couple of nights at a local hotel might just be the breather you need, without the travel!

Use the money you would have spent on travelling to have an expensive meal and a room upgrade and you will feel luxe than ever!

So, whatever you are planning this year, make it luxe, make it memorable and ultimately do it! We all spend so much time umming and ahhing over experiences, we miss out on fantastic opportunities and memory makers!

Now, I’m off to book a holiday – pronto!

Where you booking?