oNecklace Jewelry : A Perfect Valentines piece*

What women isn’t a massive fan of something that sparkles and can be worn on special occasions or daily? I am, of course, chatting of jewelry pieces. The kind that does sparkle and even hold some sentimental significance.

This Valentines Day will be the first for me and my husband, as husband and wife. And whilst he doesn’t believe you need a particular day to spread the word that you love each other, I sure do expect some romantic gesture!

And the first thing that pops into my mind is a new piece to add to my current jewelry collection! The personalized, sentimental kind!

I’ve teamed up with oNecklace to showcase some of their stunning pieces that you need to grab, or get your boyf to grab, this Valentines day!

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These two stunning pieces from oNecklace look adorable on their own, and on trend layered. Both pieces are in their gold coloring and are completely personalized.

The Roman numeral bar is the shorter of the two, with the initial pendant being just 18′. I have worn both pieces countless times and they both shine and sparkle as much as they did the first time I wore them!


This is the latest in my collection and I am in love! The gorgeous, name bracelet sits comfortably on my wrist and compliments my two necklaces perfectly when all worn together.

Again, completely personalized and unique to me, this is the first bracelet I grab to wear in the morning.

The best part about oNecklace?

Everything they offer is completely customization. My gorgeous roman numerical necklace has the date of our wedding. It’s truly precious and something that makes me think of the most special, and magical day of my life every time I wear it.

So, if you’re on the look out for the perfect, sentimental piece to link your other half too, or treat yourself with this V-Day, look no further than oNecklace!

All reasonably priced and offering pieces that she will love, this is the best place to shop personalized pieces this Valentines day!

What have you got your eye on this Valentines Day?

Remember, oNecklace have a 14% discount code running too, just use VDAY14 on checkout!!!

View their complete collection here and order today in time for V-Day!